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5:33 a.m. on October 15, 2009 (EDT)
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Hello all members!


Let me start with a big THANK YOU for all the information I have found within these forums. I've always been big on the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, snowboarding, and virtually anything else. I've been looking for a more extreme way of life with the most gentle and beautiful things in life, nature. With that, my ultimate goal is to live off the land for 1 year, carrying only the supplies on my back and using mother nature to live off the land. While doing so, documenting my journey with a journal and camera, and ultimately writing a book. This goal wont happen for many years, as I am using the time now to train for my goal.


I have done some long day hikes. Golden Ears, Allouette Lake, The Chief to name a few in my local area and have been doing some major research into the weekend hike. Leave Friday return Sunday/Monday. How do others plan a weekend trip? This is about travel, not supplies. For example, For the weekend trip I would only like to travel 1 day in and 1 day out. Leaving a day or two for some fishing and hunting small game. I figure I can cover 6-8km or 4.5-6miles with varying levels of terrain. I am physically fit, and am not worried about the trail. How do you guys plan similar trips? I can't use my previous hikes as a base estimate because I was carrying significantly less gear. It's this jump from day to weekend that raises concern. The overnight hike in and hike out is not all that appealing to me, in case it is a suggestion.


My next concern, is I will be doing this solo. I've read a lot of controversy over the carrying a weapon issue. I've had several bear encounters over my lifetime, most recent hiking back to my car after a day fishing trip. My friend and I scared the bear off, a small black bear. I am not interested in carrying a weapon, however I live in a province world renown as "BC Bud" for its ideal growing atmosphere. The chances are none I will encounter any illegal activity on the trail, but when I divert off the trail to set up camp this is cause for concern. What precautions should I take when backpacking solo? Let's not re-open the weapon issue, I have seen 4 posts about it already. :)


Finally, my food rationing. To quickly list all my items, (salt, pepper, garlic powder, sugar) juice mix, tea mix, dried fruit, rice, trail mix, and beef jerky. I plan to bring enough rice, jerky, and trail mix to last 5 days. Is this acceptable? I plan to carry a liter of water, water purification tabs, and iodine. Finding water will not be an issue, as the few trails I have in mind are littered with streams and creeks running through them.


I appreciate all responses, negative and positive! If you require more info, I will be regularly checking. If I forgot to mention any essential information, please let me know.


Warm Regards,


5:53 p.m. on October 21, 2009 (EDT)
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You might try trimming down on some of your food and find out what you might be able to forage on while your out there. This would save weight, and since you eventually want to be self sustaining for a year, this would be a good start. There are a lot of books on wild edibles out there. I personally usually carry dehydrated food and milk along with trail mix and forage when I can. Fishing is always on the agenda but hunting and trapping can get you in trouble depending on where you are and what your hunting. So you might want to research that.

A far as your water purification goes I would suggest only using the iodine tablets as an emergency backup because they taste terrible. I usually carry a "Bota of Boulder" water filter. It is a Nalgene water bottle with an internal filter. It filters out all the bad stuff (both organic and some inorganic) and the carbon in the filter even makes the water taste good. Sometimes I also carry a solar powered Steri-Pen but it is not reliable enough for primary use.

Best wishes


April 24, 2018
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