"No Rinse" Body Wash?

5:56 p.m. on February 11, 2010 (EST)
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I saw it and thought I'd give it a try. It came in the mail today, and it kind of smells like the liquid that wet wipes are soaked in. I'm going to try it out tomorrow and let you all know my opinion, but I was just wondering if anyone else has tried it.

9:26 p.m. on February 13, 2010 (EST)
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Where did you buy it? This is my favorite and I only have about 2 cc left. You can put a dab, 1/2 ounce or maybe less into 6-8 ounces of hot water and take a sponge bath and it actually cleans away the body odor of backpacking. But the shampoo and creme rinse suck. This stuff was made for astronauts, I think its what they use in the ISS.

So where did you buy it?


3:08 p.m. on February 14, 2010 (EST)
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You can buy it from Campmor, REI, and a number of other places, as well as ordering it direct. It is no longer used on the ISS. They use the large sized "baby wipes" these days, since those are antibacterial.


The particular brand you show is not exactly what it sounds like in the ads. As Jim's comment notes, you have to dilute it with water (4 capfuls in 32 ounces = 1 qt of warm water, or Jim's amount, 1 cap in one cup of water). It isn't really a wash so much as a deodorant. You apply with a wash cloth and towel dry, so the towel takes off the residue. Apparently it does not kill or remove the bacteria as well as good old soap and water, nor as well as the "baby wipes", even though propylene glycol (an alcohol) is one of the ingredients. On long expeditions, I take the large-sized "baby wipes", because they are antibacterial.

6:55 p.m. on February 14, 2010 (EST)
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if you are going to do without rinsing, why not eliminate the use of heavy, but precious water altogether?

Do what many animals do...take a dust bath! If you want a simple to carry form of dust, talc does the job. Talc (and cornstarch) are the basis, IIRC, of the dry shampoo (for those who don't use real poo) used for the infirm.

Simple talc applied to the body and then brushed off will collect a lot of the dirt and oils that harbor odorous bacteria. It will also leave you feeling, and hopefully smelling, fresh and clean.

Fuller's earth might also work.

11:28 p.m. on February 14, 2010 (EST)
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Maybe some of Fuller's brushes with Fuller's earth?

9:41 a.m. on February 15, 2010 (EST)
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Thanks for the input everyone. I tried it out and I thought it worked OK. I agree with Bill. I didn't stink like armpits and arse, but I didn't quite feel clean. Not that I'm too concerned about being "civilization clean" in the backcountry, but it's a nice morale boost on a summer trip to be able to get the funk off you. Since it works about as well as wet wipes, it'll be a nice addition to the fishing gear. I'm just not willing to carry the extra weight of a redundancy when backpacking.

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