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12:33 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Greetings,  I wanted to take a moment and say hello and introduce myself. My profile picture is of my girlfriend on our first successful hike to the summit of Mt.Washington last year. If you prefer, check out my profile. I am relatively new to the entire experience. I have done some hiking and camping but what I am striving for is new territory for me. I look forward to tapping the brains of the wealth of information here and at some point, may be able to offer some suggestions and advice myself. I also gather from Phil at the Section Hiker...he is a profound well of knowledge and I value that and his friendship. If you have not seen his site, I encourage you to check it out....he is truly amazing, generous and experienced. So here I go and I am excited to be a part of this group.

Keith "Popeye" Rayeski (the "Popeye" is a story all in itself!)

1:26 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Welcome to Trailspace!

1:31 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Greetings braveheart59

1:45 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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2:02 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Big greetings and Welcome to Trailspace! 

4:01 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Hey Keith, welcome to Trailspace.

I hope you find the knowledge here at TS quite useful and I look forward to ya chiming in on the boards with any feedback you may have to offer.

Happy hiking-Rick

4:39 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Welcome Keith!


6:17 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Welcome to Trailspace keith! look forward to your posts and trips..

9:25 p.m. on January 20, 2012 (EST)
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Welcome to Traispace!

1:08 a.m. on January 21, 2012 (EST)
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Glad to have you here!

12:19 p.m. on January 22, 2012 (EST)
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9:08 a.m. on January 24, 2012 (EST)
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Welcome to trailspace.  

Read all the older threads too, there is a wealth of information at this site.  I have not found a friendlier group to associate with.

12:29 p.m. on January 24, 2012 (EST)
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Great to have you here Keith!

My wife says my brain was tapped years ago...but if I can be of any help I'm more than glad to do it.

Also looking forward to your Popeye story, we like to trade stories around here too.

Mike G.

May 25, 2018
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