For Sale: MSR Miniworks EX

7:40 p.m. on January 4, 2013 (EST)
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I have a MSR Miniworks EX for sale. The miniworks is 5 years old, has seen light use(a few trips a year), and currently has an element with about 70-75% life left in it, maybe more. The filter is in very good condition overall and has no issues/defects, only some minor cosmetic blemishes from use in the field.

A Miniworks sells new for around $89. I am looking to sell my Miniworks for $40 shipped. This includes a storage sack , miniworks body/main assembly, filter element, small green scrubby for cleaning, filter guage, and I believe I have the instructions around somewhere. If not, they can be obtained from the MSR website.

If your interested please respond below or send me a PM.

9:57 a.m. on January 5, 2013 (EST)
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Good deal on a great pump. Yes some will say it is heavy but the fact that it is built like a tank, user serviceable in the bc w/o tools, and has never let me down personally is the reason why I love mine so much. 

I even use mine in the winter. I just remove the ceramic element and keep it in a pocket close to my body so it doesn't freeze and crack. 

4:08 p.m. on January 5, 2013 (EST)
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Rick im with u on this one. I use the same filter, ive had it for yrs and it never let me down. I do the same thing during the winter. I still have my regular miniworks as backup or I would buy this one. Thats a good price. Ive been through three elements with mine and never had any problems. They are very reliable.

11:31 a.m. on January 6, 2013 (EST)
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In responce to a few PMs I have recieved.

If you would like to purchase this, and you recieve it and are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the item to me for a full refund* within 30 days of original receipt. Buyer will pay for return shipping.

*A refund will only be issued after I inspect the filter to ensure it is in the same condition it was when i sent it to you. If you actually filter water with it and test it out and then decide to send it back the filter element will need to be removed and dried for several days prior to sending it back due to it being winter and the possibility of the filter element freezing during shipment.

8:16 p.m. on January 6, 2013 (EST)
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