Wanted to buy: TNF Apogee single wall tent

1:37 p.m. on May 30, 2007 (EDT)
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This may be a long shot!

I am looking to buy an older discontinued TNF "Apogee" single wall tent (not the Apogee-24). The Apogee is a 4 person tent, 100x77x48 inches tall. Original price tag is $1000.00, and it weighs 9lbs 11oz.

Would anyone have one for sale, or perhaps know of a shop where older TNF tent stocks are still being sold?

2:03 p.m. on August 16, 2007 (EDT)
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This may come too late, but I am about to list one on eBay.

If you would like to make an offer, please send it in an email. If I don't hear from you I will just list it this evening, but would still be willing to sell it to you and ship it to wherever. I am more than happy to send pictures and all the rest. Here is a brief description of the condition as I stated it on my eBay listing. If you would like me to call you, just send me your #.

This tent has been used for one night of camping and is in excellent condition. To be clear, the condition is that of tent that was taken out for one night by a neat freak (see pictures). It is basically new. The only item of note is that one of the poles is slightly bent, which has zero impact on the functionality of the tent (see picture). The pole is 100% strong and 100% stable.



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