4 sale 2 external frame packs camp trails and frostline/alpenlite

2:12 p.m. on September 18, 2008 (EDT)
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i have a size small frostline/alpenlite external frame backpack, it is made of forest green nylon pack cloth with a good urethane coating. this pack is sew better than my sierra designs packs. it is a top loading undevided 3/4 pack with 6 external pockets. all zippers are ykk tooth and work well. there are no holes, tears or fraying seams on this bag. there are 2 really nice tie down patches on the top cover. the labeled small 14" x 27" alpenlite wrap around frame is in good shape but is missing 1 top frame tubbing plug. i would like to get $30 plus shipping for this pack
i also have a camp trails external frame pack for sale, it is constructed of navy blue cordura with 80% of it's urethane coating intact. the packbag is a 3/4 top loading bag with 2 main comparments with 5 external pockets. the side pockets have sleeves behind them to carry skis or whatever. it also has 6 heavy duty leather tie down patches, and 1 velco sleeve for holding an ice axe or snow shove handle. it is labeled 577-L centuri. there is very slight seem fraying and two 1/2" tears, 1 in the upper main body and the other right next to it in the outside pocket. zippers are ykk tooth and work well except for the lower main body compartment. it is a 2 way zipper and about 4 teeth are missing from the top side on the very end. this pack does have some fading, mostly on the upper left pocket. there are a few dirty spots with a little mildew on the upper part of one shoulder strap. the frame is a 31" x 14.5" adjustable 502a skyline aluminum frame with a size m camptrails hip belt. i would like to get $15 for this pack plus shipping
please ask questions and see photos http://www.frontiernet.net/~lazya4/backpacks/

June 20, 2018
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