Any opinions on Alpine Skills International

2:56 p.m. on December 31, 2001 (EST)

Has anyone taken the Alpine Skills International Mt. Shasta 5-day Glacial Ice Seminar?

I am considering taking the course in preparation for a Mt. Rainier trip, but would like to hear others opinions (good or bad) on Alpine Skills International before handing them my $634.


1:45 p.m. on January 3, 2002 (EST)
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Alpine Skills International

I have known Bela and Mimi for several years and used their tele instructors. I haven't taken their climbing or avy courses, but have watched them in action, as well as knowing a number of people who have taken them. I will highly recommend ASI as an excellent place to learn. Most of their instructors (especially Bela) are very thorough, and very strict and demanding. The course you want to take is aimed at people who are very serious about wanting to become skilled, safe climbers (as opposed to the "take me to the peak" crowd). If you are serious, ASI is right at the top of the list of climbing training groups. It will be well worth your money.

There are several other guide services that are equally good, and their fees are very similar. Since you mention Rainier, RMI is good for their longer courses (5 day and longer), but their 2-day summit special has a reputation for being a "cattle drive", with the "weaklings" being cut and spun down the hill pretty quickly. Two other services that do training and offer Rainier guiding are the two AAIs - American Alpine Institute (Bellingham, WA) and Alpine Ascents International (Seattle, WA). AmAlp gears their courses very much toward the person intending to do their own climbs and expeditions, and I highly recommend them. I do not have experience or direct observation of AlpAsc courses, but they are highly recommended by people who have taken them. I have had direct contact with AlpAsc climbs and will highly recommend them on that basis.

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