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Hello, I've been climbing for quite a while and have had the oppotunity to do a history research paper on any topic. So, of course, I chose to do it over Camp 4 in the 70's. For this project I need an expert source with whom I can e-mail back and forth to ask specific questions about the area(I've never been there). So if anyone can help me please email me back, JoshMarr@Marrcopc.com

11:40 p.m. on April 10, 2002 (EDT)
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Yosemite Camp 4

First step (after getting the spelling right) is to go to the several excellent recent books on Yosemite climbing and particularly Camp 4 (which was known briefly, albeit officially, as "Sunnyside"). Check Chessler and Adventurous Traveller book dealers, as well as your local library. If you happen to be near Golden, Colorado, go to the American Alpine Club's library (in the Mountaineering Center, very close to a certain processor of malt beverages, appropriately enough).

The best thing, obviously, is to research a minimum of a dozen of the books by and about the now-famous (and infamous) denizens of Camp 4 and Valley climbing generally. Don't look for someone to ghost your paper for you - bad form, will lead to overly narrow and biased viewpoint (what, you say, climbers with narrow viewpoints? Surely not Valley climbers?)

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