Congrads BillS on you 20320 !!

3:34 p.m. on June 26, 2002 (EDT)

Saw your jpeg on the other board, you really do have grey beard. Looking forward for you TR there as well. :-)

12:17 a.m. on June 27, 2002 (EDT)
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TR under preparation

Condensing 3 weeks of snow slog into something that fits into a reasonable length TR for (including a few photos) takes a bit of work. There will be a longer TR with some of my patented opinionated drivel on my website. I pretty much have the photos scanned in, although I may have to resize them to fit within the meager allotment of personal homepage PacBell gives me (cut well over 150 down to 25).

Just to give a few salient points - we got on the mountain on May 28. Most of the way up, we had high winds and blowing snow. This kept us at 14,200 feet a couple extra days, and even when we moved up to 17,200, we had winds, blowing snow, and a prediction of 60-70 mph winds. Most of the groups who had been hunkered down at 17k bailed at that prediction. Too bad for them (although there were tents blown away and shredded), because the next day was perfect - calm, sunny, warm (well, as warm as it ever gets above 17,000 ft in the Arctic). So we went for it. Took us 7 hours to the summit, which still averages almost 500 ft/hour. We were rewarded by spectacular clear views, really felt we were on top of the Continent. I do have a summit photo on my home page already - The panorama mode was an accident - who would have thought you could mess up with a point&shoot? But, the guy I handed it to rotated the panorama/normal knob instead of just pushing the on/off button.

We started with 8, lost one at 11,000 (newlywed, missed his wife, so he headed home), and the other at 14,000 (Canadian guy who wasn't really as experienced as he should have been, so he turned back as well), and summitted 6 of us.

Thanks to the weather, the scenery was lacking except for summit day. But I have plenty of shots from my previous 3 trips up there.

I expect to have the TR on my website sometime next week. And, no, the 7 Summits is not my tic list. I'm going back to good old rock plus a few frozen waterfalls. Enough long snow slogs. Well, ok, Barb wants to go to Kili, but mostly to do a safari and see the animals while there are still some to see.

June 18, 2018
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