Suunto x6 Barometric calibration?

2:01 p.m. on July 6, 2002 (EDT)

On my X-Lander i could calibrate the barometer reading via
a setting menu, clearly described in the manual.

Now i bought an x6, and i could not find the procedure to
calibrate the barometer sensor, nor i could find anything in the manual.

Also i find the time quite inaccurate. In 24 hours my X-6 is 27 seconds behind compared to a DCF-77 clock. Maybe this can be calibrated also via an hidden menu?

Any ideas?


2:30 p.m. on July 7, 2002 (EDT)
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Sounds like you should contact Suunto USA about your X-lander - 1-800-543-9124. There is no calibration for the clock rate that the user can get at (there is a potentiometer inside the watch you can adjust, but that voids the warranty). You should not be losing 27 seconds per 24 hours on any electronic watch, much less a brand new one as expensive as the Suunto.

The barometer calibration presumably is the same as all other Suuntos. First be absolutely sure you know what the correct local atmospheric pressure is. If you do not know this, do _not_ make any adjustment. You can get the correct current value by going to a Flight Service Station or National Weather Service office (you have to be physically at the FSS or NWS - you can't do this remotely, since the atmospheric pressure varies over fairly short distances). If you are confident you know the correct pressure and want to go ahead with the adjustment, then do the following:

Go to the time of day window (main time window). Hold BOTH the Mode (top right) and Select (top left) buttons down simultaneously for about 3 seconds. The word "SET" will appear briefly, then changes to "UNI". Push the Select (top left) button and "SNR" will appear. Next, hold the Select button down for about 2 seconds, until the displayed number starts to flash. You then press the lower right button to increase the value or lower left button to decrease it until you get the value you want ("DEF" is the factory default setting). To accept the new setting, push the Mode (top right) button.

Again, though, be very sure you know the current correct local atmospheric pressure before you go through the recalibration, or you can end up much worse than before.

The time drift, though, needs to be taken care of under warranty by Suunto.

By the way, I have had some indication that the SEA problem I have mentioned a number of times on this and other websites over the past couple of years (flaky behavior of the sea-level equivalent pressure function at high altitudes) has been resolved in Suunto watches sold after about Jan 1, 2002. At this point, I suspect the problem in the older Suuntos may be due to a register overflow or problem with the conversion algorithm itself.

1:36 p.m. on August 28, 2002 (EDT)

As you know, but for the benefit of others, the X6 is a completely new interface, button configuration, and software design than your XLander. From your posting I assume that you are refering to the procedure for resetting your base pressure calibration. This is not an option on the X6. If you are however referring to a regular setting of the barometer on the X6 (i.e. to update from a weather station or aviation reading) you do this by:

From the Weather mode -> press Suunto button -> scroll down the menu to sealevel -> press the Suunto button -> (the sea level reading is high lighted) use the up or down button to change the high lighted reading -> press Suunto button to accept -> return to main screen via stop button or by pressing and holding the Suunto button for two seconds.

As for the time lag you are experienceing this is not normal and you should contact Suunto USA warranty at 800-543-9124 or via email at your earliest convenience.

10:53 a.m. on November 29, 2002 (EST)

regarding the the barometer calibration? I just wanted to know if i reset the barometer to my own setting will i still be able to use the default setting used by the factory? and if i do how accurate is the default setting being im in a totally different place from where the facory setting was made

May 27, 2018
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