La Sportiva Katana's

4:27 p.m. on November 7, 2004 (EST)

I am trying to size a pair of La Sportiva Katana's for gym use. I currently use La SportivaMiura size 42.5, I wear a size 11.5 (US) street shoe. There are not any stores around where I live to try them on before buying. I have however tried on a friends pair that were size 37.5. I swore I wouldnt be able to fit in them, after all i wear 5 sizes larger, but I was amazed, dispite being insanly unformfortable, my feet fit, well sorta anyway, and they edged incredibly. I'm thinking that I'll get a 38, since i was told they will strech a little, and conform to my feet. My 42.5 Miura's are tight but my toes are not curled up like i was told they should be. I basiclly only do indoor bouldering and am looking for performace with little care of comfort. Has any tried on the Katana's and might be able to suggest how I should size them?

2:11 a.m. on December 9, 2004 (EST)

I've got a pair in size 48. I have a 14/15 foot, though, so options were limited. My toes are quite curled in the shoes, and I'll be buggered if I'm to be found standing around in them while belaying. They're great shoes, though, and haven't stretched out a bit (or so it feels) despite hot weather climbing with sweaty feet. Hope this helps.

June 19, 2018
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