Why you climb?

6:51 a.m. on May 16, 2006 (EDT)

Why do you you climb (or backpack, rock climb etc.)? I am writing a research paper for school about why people climb. I am focusing on big mountaineering, however i would appreciate your thoughts on why you do any mountain sport. Please just give your gender and age, what sport you do, what level you are on (are you just a beginer or are you a world class rock climber), and any notable climbs or expeditions you have done.

10:42 p.m. on June 5, 2006 (EDT)

a.k.a. c, M, Miles Trail

I'm a 17 year old guy I backpack and rockclimb because its fun and chalengingI'm big about limit pushing I've not really done any epic rock climbs I've mostly just done Litle Stoney Man in Shenandoah National park in VA and Shanklens Ferry state recreation campsite WVA but they have some hard bits to them this summer I'm going out for a month long backpacking trip on th Appalachion Trail and that will be tons of good hard fun if you would like full acounts of my adventures feel freel to email me at miles_trail@yahoo.com

April 26, 2018
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