K2 expedition 2007 Need partners

2:52 p.m. on November 4, 2006 (EST)
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Hello friends
We shams Alpine organizing the k2 second attempt expedition on june 2007 from SSE route,So any mountaineers are willing to joine our expedition ,we will velues of your reply and happy to hear your opinion
great wishes

2:07 a.m. on November 18, 2006 (EST)

What kind of partners are you looking for? Who are the sponsers this year?

12:49 p.m. on November 20, 2006 (EST)
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This year we have no sponsor,Becuase its very diffecult to obtain this opartunaties .But we are looking comarical partner for k2.we are already four person and we are seeking three more

5:18 p.m. on November 24, 2006 (EST)

Hi, I'm Alex Scheer. I am a US surgeon in New York City. I don't know if you already have a physician for your 2007 expedition, but I would be very interested in perhaps being part of your team. One of my dreams is to summit K2 as well as the 7 highest peaks on the planet. I would love to hear more about your expedition and its detail. You can contact me via email. I look forward to hearing from you.


Alexander M. Scheer, MD

10:12 p.m. on November 24, 2006 (EST)
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we are respacting your intrest with our expedition.yes we need the BC doctor

10:31 a.m. on January 2, 2007 (EST)


What are the costs per person for the k2 expedition? Do you need a filmmaker for the expedition? I work as a mountaineering camera operator and filmmaker, including four film projects on Mt. Everest. Would enjoy learning more about the expedition and if you have any interest in having someone film the trip.


11:09 p.m. on January 7, 2007 (EST)
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yes i need cimbers to make strong team.for cost information E-mail me info@shamsalpine.com

3:49 a.m. on February 21, 2007 (EST)

I am only one + sherpa. And I climbing K2 and Broad peak this year. Jun for me is very bad. I need start K2 26.may 2007. In 2001 I climbing K2 and start jun. No have summit. Start jun for K2 is very bad. Send me pleas information.
Thank you.

7:41 p.m. on March 12, 2007 (EDT)

Dear Colleague,
I am a climber from Bolivia, I Climbed Makalu, Mt Everest, Mc kinly and all the high pick of South America.
I am a mountain guide that I work from 1981 of education DAV Germany.
Now I want to carry out my Dream that is also K2. this year 07.
- I request the whole necessary and important information’s, especially the cost of the expedition.
- That nationality is the participants you now?

Bernardo Guarachi.

5:09 a.m. on March 31, 2007 (EDT)


I am interested in joining your K2 expedition.

Could you please send me some details; who are the members, dates, financial arrangements etc?


Athol Whimp

May 22, 2018
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