Outdoor Retailer: Snapshots from the show

1:09 a.m. on January 23, 2010 (EST)
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We've reached the end of Day Two at Outdoor Retailer, which means we're halfway through this winter's gearapalooza. If this was a cheesy outdoor metaphor I'd say something like, we've reached the summit, but we still have the all-important trek back down before we start celebrating. But it's not, so I'll just share some snapshots and comments from the past two days.   GSI Outdoors has a Leav...

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7:18 p.m. on January 23, 2010 (EST)
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Little known fact....The duel between Hamilton and Burr was really over who made the best backpack. It seems the Federalists liked Osprey.

On a serious note I was wondering if LNT had a presence there, how much do those trowels weigh? Be nice if they made one with a hollow waterproof handle to store TP in.

I also like the knife kit.

6:03 p.m. on January 25, 2010 (EST)
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Lookin' good in that insulation Alicia. Very trendy! ;)

Looks comfy too!

7:19 p.m. on January 25, 2010 (EST)
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The quote Christian folk or OR look more muslim in that garb.

Wouldn't diggin a cat hole leave a bump on the ground and wouldn't that fertiliser be a "trace"? I thought they wanted you to pack it out...

jsut my $.02 Jim S

7:54 p.m. on January 25, 2010 (EST)
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Trout, yes, LNT and a host of other non-profits (Sierra Club, American Alpine Club, Access Fund, Big City Mountaineers, NCPA, etc) have a presence at OR, usually a small booth or table. It's an excellent opportunity for organizations like that to bring on new supporters and members. FYI, we're an LNT partner, among others.

The trowel above doesn't have a space for TP, however the Sea to Summit iPood one has space in its handle for just a few sheets. However, I was given one of these and don't think I've ever used the handle to hold TP.

Jim, in most circumstances LNT encourages a proper cathole, though there are special circumstances when you are required to pack it all out. You can read their suggestions for proper human waste disposal on their site.

We'll actually have a whole article on this topic in spring. Let's just say my working title for it isn't fit for the site.

Thanks for the compliment, Will! They were super comfy. I admit that I coveted.

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