10:59 p.m. on October 29, 2010 (EDT)
79 reviewer rep
8 forum posts

While searching the people section, I noticed Senior member, Junior memeber, and other degrees by each name. What places one in these categories? It is by contribution, or number of posts, or experience? One other things I would like to see, and it may already be here I just have not found it; but I would like to see something about photography here. I know I am not the only one here that has a large number of photographs of nature. From animals to embarrassment. It is just a thought. Also while I was looking around I noticed that about 70 to 80% have not posted or only posted a few times. Have you taken a poll to see why? This is a really nice site.

3:45 a.m. on October 30, 2010 (EDT)
244 reviewer rep
5,239 forum posts

Welcome blacklabpupp to the group! Tho I see you have been a member since early January 2009. I have only been here about 3 months longer than you.

I think the seniority of labels is by number of posts. I spend a lot of time on here myself because I like to share my knowledge of the outdoors and also trip reports. I am a 34 year veteran of backpacking/bicycle touring and hiked/camped since childhood with my parents and Boy Scouts.

Yes, a photography section would be good. Last summer we (at Trailspace)had a photography contest (see the last section under Forums). But a section to discuss photography would be good, sharing our expertise of taking better pictures and using Photoshop to crop and work making presentations. Een just more pictures without a contest to show where we hike,live and what we like to shoot.

I have recently been working with video and still camera shots to make slideshows and videoshows in Windows Movie Maker on my laptop.

6:49 p.m. on October 30, 2010 (EDT)
136 reviewer rep
623 forum posts

I agree blacklabpupp, this site is amazing, especially compared to other forums that have little to no activity.


I think an improvement would be a mass picture uploading capability. Unless I missed something, it seems you can only upload a picture at a time, which is a very daunting task when you have 30 pictures from a climb you want to share.

11:43 p.m. on October 30, 2010 (EDT)
1,663 reviewer rep
3,956 forum posts

The order in which members are listed is by post count.

It is not done by the level of experience the members have or else I would be way down the list.

Trailspace has a high percentage of experienced & knowledgeable members when compared to a lot of other sites I have visited, that is why I like Trailspace. I have learned a lot here.

I am an avid adventurer, I enjoy talking to and learning from others who share the same interests I have, and I like sharing what I know with others, much of which I learned the hard way. I wish there had been a resource like Trailspace when I first started  backpacking in the early 80's.

Photography & video are areas where I have a lot to learn, I took very few photos in the early days, I can only try to do better in the future at this point.

I have been a member of several forums and it seems some members only post a few times and move on, others hang around a while posting occasionally, and a few will be really active in the forum.

One of the reasons I have a high post count is because I currently live in a coastal town where backpacking & hiking is not very prevalent, so Trailspace gives me a way to connect with people who have similar interests from many different areas.

This, and a couple other forums have been very helpful to me.

7:28 a.m. on October 31, 2010 (EDT)
79 reviewer rep
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Well said, I do enjoy this site more than the others I have visited.  Once you start in photography it is addicting as hiking its self.  Camera work in days of film was problematic at times, trying to keep film from forming water droplets  and not fogging the lens, freezing controls in mechanical cameras, dust and grime from the trail, etc.  The newer digital cameras are a blessing to say the least in that respect. They do have their own problems, electronics are subject to cold and water as well, but things are much easier to overcome now.  One thing I do miss about film cameras, were those little plastic cans  the film came in. I used them to store all kinds of things.

I dont know if the site is willig or able to get the storage for uploading pics. It can be quite and undertaking.  But if they can it would be exciting to see what others have in the way of laughable moments, danger unseen, and just the beauty of nature itself.  I never tire of animal shots in nature.  I caught a hawk one time stealing beacon ready for the fire for his breakfast. 

I do like this site also for friendly posts that I have read about other topics as well.

8:53 p.m. on October 31, 2010 (EDT)
4,404 reviewer rep
6,005 forum posts


I'm not sure what you are asking when you say:

I dont know if the site is willig or able to get the storage for uploading pics.

 When you write a post, you just click on the icon that looks like a miniature photo at the top bar of the window to write the post (or the "movie film" if you are uploading a video), choose "Your photo on Trailspace" (for ones you previously uploaded), "Upload" (for new ones), or "External" (for images elsewhere on the web - but please do not violate copyright rules).

If you click on your own name (next to your posts or in the "People" pages, which you get to by clicking on "People" in the header to each page), on the right side is where you access setting up your albums,  as well as accessing all the images you have uploaded.

You can view other members' images by clicking on their name (either next one of their posts or on the "People" pages). Their individual pictures and their albums are accessed by clicking on them in the lower right side.

Here is an example of one I uploaded as part of a post:


And one from one of my articles (actually, this is my spouse's photo):


If you scan back through the archives, you will find that some people post a lot of photos, and some post a lot of comments and/or questions and/or answers to questions, and some do both. Plus there are a lot of lurkers who sporadically surface, maybe once a year, or even join, post twice, then resurface 3 or 4 years later.

Have you looked at the images that were submitted to the Trailspace Photo Contest that was earlier this year (access it at the bottom of the Forums index page)? Some really great photos there.

There have been occasional questions and discussions about cameras - what people use, what's a good camera for a particular outdoor activity, and so on. But most people here just "get out there, hike/climb/backpack/whatever activity and take pictures", and don't worry much about what photogear, as long as it gets the images they want.

6:56 a.m. on November 1, 2010 (EDT)
79 reviewer rep
8 forum posts

Some how you took my post wrong I think; I was not implying something out of the ordinay, or some ill manner on your part.  I am told many sites dont allow it for what ever reason. My intention was only to hear about how the shot was taken, where, what speed, if you know, did you go there just for the shot, was it  a once in a lifetime shot, how do you care for gear travelig, etc, etc. I am always open to a new idea how someone else does it

I think I was quite clear in my earlier posts, that I had not been through the whole web site. The only line I noticed for photogrphy was on the profile. What you assume to be obvious was not so obvious to me. I had someone to point out what you mentioned. If I had noticed it I would have never asked if it could be done. It is difficult to notice every little nuance when you are losing your eye sight. I am sorry.

No, I have not been through Trailspace Photo Contest. I am only able to view pages for about 20 minutes a day. The first thing that caught my attention was the large gear pages. I commented on some, that I actually own or have used.  After reading some of the posts I quit because it was obvious some had never used the gear they were talking about. Just saying it was good stuff, or man you will like this, tells us they most likely never used it.

I am sorry I posted anything that has offended someone. I have enjoyed reading the emails from the people that did contact me about the stove. Thanks a whole lot. This will be my last post. All the best

9:50 a.m. on November 1, 2010 (EDT)
848 reviewer rep
3,890 forum posts

No worries, blacklabpupp. You haven't offended anyone at Trailspace and you're very welcome here. I hope you'll remain an active member.

Here are some answers to questions above.

1. Seniority is by total number of posts, as others have said. (Eventually we may factor in how useful and helpful a member's posts and reviews are too.)

2. Thanks for the photography forum suggestion. You're all right that there is a lot of interest in it. We had a popular member photo contest earlier this year. Perhaps we can have an open forum like that for outdoor/backcountry photos and videos all year round.

I'm currently considering ways to reorganize the forums, and aiming for less is more, but if this is one many people want, we'll consider it.

3. Members already can upload pictures to the site and organize them into albums. And yes, I share iClimb's desire for a multiple photo uploader (it's on the to-do list).

I hope that answers the questions above. Feel free to ask more questions here and in the other forums.

If you have a comment or question you don't want to post publicly, you can send it directly to me.


12:33 p.m. on November 1, 2010 (EDT)
4,404 reviewer rep
6,005 forum posts


I don't know if you are referring to my attempt at answering your questions when you say:

I am sorry I posted anything that has offended someone.

I don't see anything in my or the other posts in this thread that says or would imply that anyone was offended. And I certainly do not see anything that you posted that could possibly offend anyone. You have made some interesting posts in other threads, and since there is a lot of interest in pictures of places to go on Trailspace, what I think you might be asking for is a good idea. So I hope you do not just go away, but continue to contribute.

Anyway, you started an interesting thread here. So keep adding to your comments and suggestions.


9:15 a.m. on November 8, 2010 (EST)
775 reviewer rep
2,162 forum posts


Welcome to Trailspace, and no worries, I don't think anyone is offended at all.

    Here on Trailspace, as in almost every technical venue, the most experienced, knowledgeable, and valued members are often the most direct in the application of their thoughts and questions. Sometimes such pointed directness of inquiry or observation can seem combative, especially in our current social clime where everything has to come with a disclaimer. Most often though, here on Trailspace at least, those acute questions or comments are not at all coming from ill intent, but merely the minds of very direct analytical people seeking to understand and find solutions.

I am relatively new to Trailspace myself, and it took several months to become familiar with the different personalities here. There are a number of instances when either I took offense where none was warrented, or something I said was interpreted other than it was meant. It just took a little time to get to know the people and community, but it is a great one.

Well, enough of my ramblings, Welcome!


12:20 p.m. on November 10, 2010 (EST)
4 reviewer rep
33 forum posts

Blacklapupp, welcome to the forum!! This is "THE" forum by far. I too belong to a couple of other forums, but this is the one that I have learned the most from. The people here have a vast knowledge base and are ALWAYS willing to help anyone who asks even the simplest of question. I became a member here (almost a year ago) with absolutely NO experience or knowledge. Simply put, the people here are second to none!

Although I don't consider myself a very "active" member, I am on this site almost daily to read and learn from others.


April 25, 2018
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