Down product care and maintenance tips

1:54 p.m. on March 2, 2012 (EST)
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Few months ago I started a discussion about the new conditionning methods for the filling power testing :

I gave some hints about down product caring and maintenance. Here I develop this topic more fully.

The first thing one need to understand is that down have some similarities with hair and wool. For example, If you wash your hair and go directly to bed, you get some surprise in the morning. Your hair keep the shape they have under your head compression. Down and wool do the same. That's why it is very important to clean your down product or at least to tumble dry it with a wet tissue when it's wet or dirty,  in order for the flake to get back to their original shape.

That's why steaming conditionning is now used during the filling power test. It reveals the full potential of the down by allowing the flake the get back to their optimal shape.

It is possible to have this optimal filling power in real conditions. Here are some tips :

-if your down product get wet dry it asap.

-if it get wet and packed. Unpack it, clean it, rince it several time and dry it.

-If it has been store for several months, tumble dry it with a wet tissue at low temp. The wet tissue will vaporize the bag and reshape the flakes.

- If cleaned properly, you can reach the full potential of your garments or sleeping bag by just using it. Your own water vapor will affect the flakes positively. 

NB : duck down product caring is much more difficult than goose down, because duck down tend to form graps, you can have hard time to redistribute the down in your garments or sleeping bag. 


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