coleman feather 400-442 problem

1:58 p.m. on June 6, 2002 (EDT)

a.k.a. hw

My trusty coleman feather 442 (like the 400) is acting up. I get 4-6 inch green to blue to blue-yellow flames in addition to the good flame right at the jets. Also, I hear gas leaking somewhere around the generator when I turn off the stove. Is there any cleaning/repair that I can do until I can replace the generator? Thanks!

2:13 p.m. on August 1, 2004 (EDT)

Hi: I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can help me out; re: Coleman Peak 1 Feather 400 stove.

Problem: My trusty stove doesn't to build pressure when I pump it. Perhaps it only needs to be oiled. If so, I notice there's a small hole, and next to it, it says "oil". Do I insert oil into the hole? This is located directly below the valve itself.

I would appreciate your help.

Marsi Cho (Thanks in my Native language)

May 24, 2018
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