Instructions needed for old Morsan tent

11:10 a.m. on August 5, 2006 (EDT)

this company is not listed in the manufacturers section. I assume it's an old tent - we received from some elderly neighbors. It's large green canvas with lots of poles - my engineer husband couldn't figure it out - instructions badly needed - it's in great shape! THanks

4:37 p.m. on September 6, 2006 (EDT)
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Can you give a better or more complete description of the tent & poles?

Re: poles -

If it is the type I am thinking, there will be 6 vertical ples & 2 or 3 horizontal poles, forming the ridge and the "eaves". The eaves will be 3or 4 loops sewn in at the tips of the side walls, and the ridge will be formed either by a horizontal pole atop 2 vertical support poles, or by guying out the two central vertical support poles with lines.

The central poles should be adjustable in height, while the corner poles will probably be at an angle to the ground somewhere between 30 to 60 degrees.

Scroll down to "Canvas Tents" & look at the pics - one of those is probably the same setup as your old Morsan, but without more information, I can't say more.


Hope this helps!

4:46 p.m. on September 6, 2006 (EDT)
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Hate to doublepost, but one other thing I thought of is that the center ridge pole may be either internal or external...some older tents (like the ones my Scout troop had) had the ridge poles inside the tent. If you look at the ridge and see a large grommet just in from the front or rear wall, and no other obvious ties or loops, then you have to put the ridge up from inside the tent.


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