Seriously -- no one out there knows how to set up a Morsan tent?

12:36 p.m. on August 15, 2006 (EDT)

Please help. Need instructions. Beautiful tent - anxious to use 8 year old -- parents with no clue how to set up. It is green canvas - square with lots and lots of silver poles. Thank you!

4:30 p.m. on August 18, 2006 (EDT)

I have the same problem. Have you been able to resolve? Did you even find the instructions? If so, would appreciate if you can share them. Thanks!

4:52 p.m. on September 6, 2006 (EDT)
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Hi -
Replied to your early August post - I'm new to this Forum & didn't see this thread. . .

I put up some suggestions here:

Let me know how you fare.


9:32 a.m. on November 9, 2006 (EST)

Wow!, A Morsan tent. Probably 25-30 years old.You must live in the NY/NJ area. This Canvas tent was sold at a Morsans store which was owned by Mort Jarashow. He and his son founded and still own Campmor in NJ and @ . Call 201/825-8300 and ask for Steve in there service dept. They may be able to help.

Most of these Canvas tents were variations of A-Fram militray type tents. Tryputting all the peices of tent pole together and laying them out flat. You usually will have a combination of Uprights that may have a spike on one end, and Ridge poles that may have a hole on both end peices. You will also need a good amount of rope to guy this beast out.

Good Luck.


10:54 p.m. on November 11, 2006 (EST)
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This is a test...
If you can't set up your tent you will have to stay out of the wilderness... (;->)

Seriously, you should be able to atleast try without written instructions. First examine the poles and separate them by length/style/color or whatever. How many are there in each pile? A pile of four the right length for the sides, with different ends are probably the side poles. Now we need some roof poles. By now you should be able to recognise the "awning hold out poles" from "ceiling poles". Look at the top of the tent and the fly and these poles and see if there isn't a "hub" or something the poles join in and put it the center then attach the (4?) ceiling poles to the hub and out to meet the "Corner poles". By now there shouldn't be any poles left but if there are they probably are roof line poles that would go between the corner poles in which case there should be 4 or more triple hubs.

Anyway if you gave us this information it would be easier to help you, but you must do what most do - try it and figger it out. And at some time you'll have to stake it out and you use awning poles you'd have to tie a cord to the top pf them and then stake them out.
Jim S

3:37 p.m. on December 1, 2006 (EST)

i have a morsan tent..i set it up alone in 30 mins..if yours has 19 pole parts..then you have the same. if so and if you still need help...e-mail me. jim p.s. would you be interested in selling it?

May 21, 2018
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