bibler (black diamond) long-shot

1:23 p.m. on June 27, 2011 (EDT)
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i'm wanting to do a little customizing on my tent, and need some extra fabric

does anyone have a bibler or black diamond single wall tent that is: damaged, broken, torn, or otherwise not usable?  something i can cut a piece of 2'x3' fabric out of?

specifically looking for a "throw-away" tent, because i can't afford to pay for the fabric. 



11:02 p.m. on June 27, 2011 (EDT)
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i would encourage you to check out a few retailers that might have a remnant piece of fabric that will work for you. the last time i bought seam grip from the

they sent a free piece of fabric big enough to do my repair. you might not get a 2' x 3' piece for free but you might get a real good price on such a small piece. if you are going to use seam grip with your repair be sure to check out the jumbo size that the rain shed sells. much cheaper than the small tubes you just have to use it all before it hardens.

i would also talk to black diamond. they might have a tent failure that they would be willing to cut up for you. i have a black diamond moonlight headlamp that i dearly love. on the first generation ones the wires pulled out so there were quite a few returns. all of mine have new heavier wires. when my rubber switch seal fell apart i contacted black diamond to see if they would sell me a replacement. instead they chopped off a the whole light assembly off a return and sent it for free.

best of luck with the upgrade on your tent

3:13 p.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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tried that route, can get all the 2"x2" i want, but want/need some thing quite a bit bigger. 

i am wanting to do a couple of modifications

-cut the middle of the roof out, install no-see-em mesh

-move the poles to outside sleeves

-cover the mesh with the same fabric

4:46 p.m. on July 4, 2011 (EDT)
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Just some thoughts.  You only need the material for the alterations that you are making, correct?  Since you will be cutting out "hole" top of your tent you will have the piece that you cut out that will nicely fill the whole hole, if you add some slight extentions and or some velcro.  If you take some yellow gortex (or green gortex if its an older tent) and use it to sew some sides to that piece you will have a piece large enough to fit in the space you cut out.  As the entire tent is suppose to be breathable it dosen't really matter if the material you are using is (A) the same type or material as the tent and or(B) breathable.  Once you cut your tent it will most likely be worth less than the tent is currently worth now unless you can come up with something sepecial.  Asyour are going to sew sleeves on the outside of your tent (you didn't tell us what tent you are going to violate)  this material as well does not need to be breathable.  I would try and come up with something that looks really cool.  I think it actually will be really boring if you use all the same color material.  An in the end who what's a really boring tent.  This is your chance to be a tent artist.  The yellow that Bibler used would look cool with black sleaves.  As well, you could use some reflective 3M material so as to never lose your tent in the dark.   3M even has a huge variety of different colours for you reflective enjoyment.  You might try in a search for fabric(s) as they have many tent material fabrics .  Since you mentioned not wanting to spend much (if any) money this link might help, here is some Silnylon ripstop 65" wide 1.3 oz. material for $1.85 a yard on ebay.   This might make nice material for your sleeves, as well as edeging for the piece you cut out of the top your tent so that it could fill the hole.  

Is it really hot where you live?  If so, you may also want to get ahold of Robert Rowe as he seams (pun intended) to want to start cutting up his equiptment as well.

Just a note, Garuda used a very similar material on there single wall tents as Toddtex called, I think Bryontex, (the long lost tex brothers........?).  If you can find a single wall Garuda parts tent, that would give you the material you want as well.

As well, you could use Tyvek.  The more I investigate the stuff the more I find people are using it for making very, very, light weight gear (besides footprints for tents).  I will be doing so in the future after I finish my waterproofing tests.   I'll be starting with a tarp.  You can find it often for free at home building sights as they have ends of the roll they can't use.  If you can't find it and find you need some I will send you a 2 x 3ft piece.  If you use Tyvek you will not be accused of being a tent artist, but a tent hacker.

12:48 p.m. on July 5, 2011 (EDT)
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now we are getting closer to a good idea. 

the point of the hole i am planning on putting in the top & the cover to go with it, is for condensation and venting. 

my thought process:

if i make an 8"x8" hole in the top and cover it with a piece of 10"x15" fabric {that sits approx 1" off the tent body - a permanite built in rainfly(?)} stitch down the sides of fly on the door sides of the tent body, leave open on long sides of tent.  i can curve down the "new rain-fly" to go approx 8-10" down the sides.  letting some air in, to help rid condensation. 

even with a fair amount of practice, the internal tent poles are a hassle.  i thought if i moved them outside to a full length sleeve, i can keep the stability, but not have to always worry about tearing the tent fabric.  just seems like a good idea to me??? 

perhaps i should have put this into "gear-repair"? 

6:53 p.m. on July 5, 2011 (EDT)
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yea at this point I'd say this post should be, or have been, placed in the gear repair section, but no matter here we are.

So a couple of questions.  What model of Bibler is this? (The Bomb shelter?)  As Biblers hold their value really well compaired to a lot of other tent's,  why not sell the Bibler and get a tent that already meets your needs?   It would be a real bummer if you go to alter this tent and it doesn't work as well as once you alter it it will not have it's lifetime warranty.  As well, unless you come up with something that looks really nice and works really well you will never be able to sell it.  Even if you do gt a tent that looks nice and works well it will never be worth what it is now.  You must also take into account your time involved in this project and any monies spent.

I have a number of Biblers and other single wall tents that set up from the inside and I don't like them at all.   I do like them after there already set up, but not until then.  Usually by the time I get them set up I'm sweating like a pig due to the lack of air flow in the tent until i do get it up.  I've found almost no time saved by putting a single wall tent vers. a well thoughout double wall tent.  Usually I can't leave my gear in a single wall tent to keep it dry as I'm trying to get the tent set up by opening poles on the inside of collapsed tent.  Either way I find that if I have to set up a tent in the rain I get wet either from sweat or rain.  If I can set it up from the outside I can throw my stuff inside the tent where is stays dry and I can change to clean dry clothing when I get in, and thats if I did get wet as I usually have some rain gear with me anyway. 

Seems to me you might want to look for a tent (used)  that meets your needs and then sell your tent to pay for this new (used) tent.  In the end you will most likely have the tent you want as well as having some money left over.  Here is a nice little three pole tent that I just got of of Craigslist for $200 including shipping.  It is a older "2 person" tent made in 1993 and is was made by Garuda Tents called the Jana.   When I got it I set it up in 3-4 min without instructions.  I would guess I could get it set up in 90 seconds to the point of using it and getting in out of the rain.  It can be set up with out stakes until the end when putting up the vestuables, which can be staked out later.  This is a tent that I think is getting closer to what your looking for.  If your only interested in a single wall tent with venting in there are a number of choices (including garuda) but again most of the single wall tents use internal pole systems except the mountain hardewar EV series.  I'm sure there are others that I'm not aware of and am hoping that people will enlighten us .  The third tent below is the Garuda Trikaya.  This is a tent that was made Garuda after being bought by Dana Design.

The 3 pole Jana

The Jana w/ it's rain fly

The single wall "3 person"  5 pole Trikaya





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