Company makes Carbon replacement tent poles

1:14 p.m. on August 31, 2011 (EDT)
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Anyone ever use these or this company?


4:05 p.m. on August 31, 2011 (EDT)
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I got a quote of $130 for four aluminum poles from   for a TNF VE-24.  As a compairison, new carbon fiber poles for a  TNF VE-25 (the closest tent to the VE-24 I could find on their list) are $285.

It seems that it would cost  as much or more for poles as the tents them selves cost for less expensive tents.  Regarding more expensive tents such as the MH  (Single wall or Double wall) Satellite (10 poles), at $835,  puts the poles at half the price of the original cost of the tent when new.  Obviously     the more poles you have the more expensive it will be.

These poles will make the UL'rs drool.  For a ton of money you can make your load a bit lighter, 50%+/-   savings over your aluminum poles and even more over fiberglass poles (is any amount of money too much to lighten up the load I wonder?).

They have a life time warranty.

They a have small  list of tents that give prices of replacement poles for certian tents.  I would guess this list will grow as the recieve orders for tents not on the list.  Here is the link ot the list:


I now can lighten up the load of the expedition base camp tent I want to design and make it way more expensive to the point of being really silly using the best quality materials on the market.  But in the end you get what you pay for, sometimes.


4:36 p.m. on August 31, 2011 (EDT)
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I had a conversation with MSR about the whole "carbon fiber" thing.

Yes they will cut weight but here is the trade off...

If you step on said poles they can snap. Also if they are subjected to alot of stress(substantial wind gust) they could very well break. 

One of the reasons I like aluminum is they typically bend. If bent they are still serviceable. At the same time when aluminum bends there is a chance of sharp points can develop where the crease happens which can tear fabric. 

From what I was told if carbon fiber breaks its typically at the ferrule or joiner for the pole span. 

For the extreme amount that carbon fiber costs and the fact that w/o a bit of ingenuity if they break you are up a creek w/o a paddle I will stick with aluminum. Weight savings is not that important to me. 

I even steer clear of carbon fiber trekking poles. I looked into them but opted for a high end pair of aluminum Lekis. If I bend the shaft there if a chance that I can still use them. If a carbon fiber poles snaps because I got it caught in a rock its dead weight for the rest of the trip.

If aluminum bends it can typically be bent back or one can place a splint on the point where this occurred and still get by. 

Just figured I would throw that out there. 

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