the "Coat Bag"

8:29 p.m. on September 12, 2011 (EDT)
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Hmmm ... at 1 lb and good to 17 degrees, I think this "coat bag" has a future not just with homeless people but with backpackers too!

9:41 p.m. on September 12, 2011 (EDT)
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Cool article! A product like that would have a huge impact for those on hard times if they could be put in the hands of those who needed them.

Jacks R Better (they make quilts & other related hammock gear) makes a down quilt that can be worn as a jacket although it does not have dedicated sleeves.

As soon as I read the article this is what I thought of.


This is the Sierra Sniveler by Jacks R Better.

800 or 900 fill down option.

10:52 p.m. on September 12, 2011 (EDT)
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I smell a too good to be true.  I challenge anybody to find a 20 degree bag that ways a pound for any price. 

10:54 p.m. on September 12, 2011 (EDT)
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I thought of them, also.

BIG difference in what Jacks-R-Better costs, vs this gal's offering.

Somehow, I don't picture myself sauntering into a Starbucks wearing either one.


8:55 a.m. on September 13, 2011 (EDT)
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That weight to temp. rating sounds mighty optimistic to me also.

6:00 p.m. on September 13, 2011 (EDT)
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 When I used to winter camp in the late 70s- early 80s I had a pair of down pants and a hooded down parka that was made for mountaineering. The inside seams of the pant legs ahd zippers and they could be zipped together front and back and th parka had a zipper around the waist that zipped into a zipper around the top of the pants. With down booties it was a very nice sleeping bag,pants and parka combo.

June 19, 2018
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