Katadyn Hiker water filter

5:39 p.m. on November 24, 2012 (EST)
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I bought my Katadyn Hiker water filter about 3 years ago. I have used it all the time for most of my hiking and bicycle trips. A bout a month ago in Wyoming it stopped working correctly, squirting the water back out as I pumped it in.

I contacted Katadyn about it finally about a week ago. They gave me some trouble-shooting advice then after nothing helped they sent me a new outer body for my filter. It came in three days from Minnesota!

I now have it to use again.

Thanks to Katadyn's quick response and sending of the new body I am back in motion.

5:16 p.m. on November 25, 2012 (EST)
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katadyn has good customer service. have never had a problem with my hiker, but it's good to know they stand behind their products.

6:30 p.m. on November 25, 2012 (EST)
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That's good to hear Gary.

Do you know exactly what caused the problem?

April 26, 2018
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