Moss (Camden Maine) Stargazer 2 person tent

4:05 p.m. on April 22, 2013 (EDT)
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Hi All,

I have a Moss Stargazer 2 person tent that I purchased second hand back in 2001.  I have not used this tent much and decided to look into what Moss Tents had to offer these days.  I have found out that they no longer exist and were bought out by MSR. Would anyone know what this tent might be worth these days.  It is in great shape except for a small tear in the noseeum netting on the front door which has been repaired.  Not sure if I want to sell it but I am very curious to know what they sell for.  I have not been able to find the same tent that I have on ebay but the Moss tents that are selling there have been going for quite a bit.



12:36 a.m. on April 23, 2013 (EDT)
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My old Stargazer, a used, mint example from Seattle, went for $1200 on Ebay about 2 years ago. I also had the optional front tarp awning.

If yours is of Camden, Maine vintage I'd expect it to go for upwards of $1000 on Ebay these days.

Congrats on your fine choice in tents!

9:37 a.m. on April 23, 2013 (EDT)
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Thanks Pillowthread for the info.  I thought it might go for around that price but wasn't sure. I guess I got a bargain when I bought it off of ebay for around $300.00.  I set it up yesterday in my backyard and put two camp rests in it.  My wife and I just bought some kayaks this spring.  We all were laying in the tent last night with our 3 year old to see if it would work for some kayak camping trips.  I think it will work out perfectly. Can't wait to get out now!

3:59 p.m. on April 27, 2013 (EDT)
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Yeah, that's the thing...they go for so much because you literally can't buy a better tent nowadays...Beat the piss out of it for a decade or two, and hand it down to your kid!

7:26 p.m. on May 18, 2013 (EDT)
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Hello all. I have 3 Moss Little Dippers and I'm thinking of letting one of them go to a new home. Has anyone had any experience selling one? One is Camden Maine vintage, good condition. Two are Seattle, one in very good condition & one mint...never been set up.

10:36 a.m. on May 21, 2013 (EDT)
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I have one of the original Moss also.  I think it is the Olympic 4 season and is in mint condition.  There were times when I thought to sell it  since I do not use it that much.  I do know that it survived a hugh early season snow storm a few years ago in Colorado that left my friends tents crushed. 

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