Wood stove "Burn-Off"

2:49 p.m. on July 22, 2013 (EDT)
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I propose a Trailspace woodstove "Burn-Off". Take the current crop of commercially available backpacking wood stoves like Bush Buddy, Vargo Hexagon, Caldera Cone Tri-Ti or Sidewinder, etc.)

Let's see which stove has the best qualities. i.e.

1. fuel efficiency

2. stove weight

3. stove packed size

4. ease of use (fire starting, feeding fuel, etc.)


We need to standardize the following:

1. fuel (ex.-> same tinder & amount by weight, equal length white oak 1/2"  or 1/4" dowels, same amount of dowels per stove)

2. pot (same pot for ALL stoves)

3. water temp

4. water volume

5. ambient air temp

6. altitude

7. boil point (per immersed digital thermometer reading with same placement for every test)

8. comparisons in both tables and graphs for quick reference and better data representation.

This test would require the test pot fit the Caldera Cone stove as prescribed and be an optimal size for the other stoves as far as possible. Many pot/stove sizes are available from Trail Designs but there should be an honest attempt to size the pot so the stove firebox volumes are nearly equal.

This test will be comparing both "gassifier" stoves like the Bushbuddy and CC Tri-Ti/Inferno or Sidewinder/Inferno as well as non-gassifier stoves. After all, we want a head-to-head test of ALL available stoves. There may be some big surprises in store.

Oh, yeah, all tests should be video recorded for peer review.

This test is long overdue.

Trailspace staff, are you up to it?

April 21, 2018
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