nano puffer?!

8:55 p.m. on March 6, 2014 (EST)
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how does the patagucci nano puffer vest stack up to similar synthetics, particularly in areas of:

* versatility?

* compressability?

* warmth-to-weight ratio?

* durability?

I've always favored the patagucci puffball, and I'm in the market for a used one, but my size is a rare find!

... time ticks...

any suggested "2nd bests"?

thanks, all! :)


6:20 a.m. on March 7, 2014 (EST)
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I don't have the vest, but have the nano pullover. I really like it overall. Its light, compresses down to the size of a baseball or so, water and wind resistant. I bring it along with me year round since its so light and packable.

For summer nights it alone over a tshirt is more than adequate if its on the chilly side or really windy etc. For the cooler times of year it over a l/s baselayer such as a capaline 3 is good for me down to 35-45ish(depending on conditions) if i am not moving and just sitting around camp. Adding in more layers and i have taken it as part of my system down to -36.

I love the feel of the fabric, and it fits on the looser side so I dont mind wearing it in my hammock during the winter months.

I got mine for free, but even if I couldnt get another one for free I would buy one for sure.

Never been a fan of vests, so take that for what its worth.

3:31 p.m. on March 8, 2014 (EST)
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522...sorry for the delay...spring break is a little busy sometimes:-)

First...I like using my vest while I am walking trail in the cooler parts of the year...and because I generate a lot of moisture while walking and climbing...I prefer a simple pull-over zip-neck fleece vest over anything else...because it breathes so well...absorbs very little moisture...and dries really quickly (cheaper too). I am not convinced that they have improved upon a simple fleece vest yet...though the day is probably coming. However...if you do not produce a lot of moisture while walking and climbing (as I do)...or you do not intend to use the vest while walking and climbing...then the nano is certainly a good option...and it is much lighter and more compressible than a fleece vest (though vest are perfect for fleece since they require so much less material).

If you decide to go with the nano there are some good things to like! The nano is made with a 22 denier polyester fabric which is very light...and yet more durable than some of the ultra-light 10 denier fabrics. I like the 20 denier family of fabrics for insulation that I wear and move around in...and prefer to leave the 10 denier stuff for sleeping insulation only.

The vest uses Primaloft One for insulation...and in my opinion this is hands down the best synthetic insulation currently available due to the fact that it is the most like down in regards to weight and warmth. The biggest downside of Primaloft One is that it is more vulnerable to the negative effects of compression (loss of loft) than other heavier synthetics and down. general compressing anything puffy (especially synthetics) is not a good this is only a downside if you find pack real estate in high demand (if you want to sleep in your insulation or compress it into a smaller package go with down...because all synthetics suffer from compression). On the positive side...and this is going to be the more controversial part (though it really isn't empirically speaking)...synthetic insulation absorbs much less moisture and dries much faster than down...even treated when your vest gets wet from sweat and will stay damp for a shorter period of time.

I have two vest which I use...and one of the most important things to consider is the material around the arm holes...some of the materials are not elastic enough and create too much draft...others are not soft enough and create hot-spots on the front underside of my shoulders. From what I can see the nano uses the right materials...but make sure that you have given your vest a couple of days of good active use before committing it to the trail...where it could become a problem...and make returning it more difficult.

June 21, 2018
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