Swiss Gear Tent BE WARNED....

8:44 p.m. on May 18, 2009 (EDT)
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(As with ANY gear or equipment DO YOUR HOME WORK REASEARCH

Swiss Gear Elite

got it today set it up in the back yard its Definatly
not built like a colman, None of the seams are taped, None of the seams are sealed, none of the corners have reinforcement, floor is cheap tarp meteral i mean its no way waterproof, like harbor freight kind of cheap tarp, Stitching is Very poorly done and VERY LOOSE
Definatly not a quality tent, hope it dont rain or it will leak like a siv
theres no rain fly, it Might last 1 or 2 uses but thats it.
theres no warrenty card or return information in it,
its Definatly a 1 season tent (summer ~ dry ~ low to no wind)
take my advise and stay away from this company that made it.
O... FYI... Swiss Gear (i found out) will "lease out" their name to companys
that MFG. items and let them put the "swiss gear" trade mark on it BUT...
Swiss gear dose not do the quality controll of the items, kinda crapy in my opinion.
the colman tens are the best buy for "cheap" tents. your next step up would be Eurke
or spend the big bucks on a real back woods wall tent., but they are like
300.00 (Starting at 300.00) anyway, it will do for a trip or 2.

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