Plastics and water bladders

4:05 p.m. on January 16, 2010 (EST)
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I am searching for a water bladder. My mountain biking camelback is shot. I understand you have to be careful when buying any plastic you are going to drink from. I have been looking up bladders and then looking up the material they are made from. I have yet to find a plastic someone isn’t warning about in one from or another. I see even the most expensive water bladders are made of plastics that have just been recalled. Is there a water bladder I can buy? I am using a couple of steel water bottles right now but a bladder is so much more covenant.

5:17 p.m. on January 16, 2010 (EST)
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There are hose kits that allow converting bottles into hydration systems, though I don't know how practical they'd be for bike riding. This one from CamelBak converts one of their Better Bottles.

It'd be nice to know how much exposure constitutes a genuine health risk -- a few hours on the weekends doesn't seem like it'd be that big of a deal.

5:33 p.m. on January 16, 2010 (EST)
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Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die from BPA.

I don't know, I tend to think that Tom is correct here, I don't think it is a big risk either. I've eaten three eyed fish and I'm still here, might explain my spelling sometimes though.

5:34 p.m. on January 16, 2010 (EST)
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The US have outlawed the "bad for you" plastics and so Camelbak et al have changed to better safer plastics. This is good. The only problem is that they dumped all their old stock on the market in places like NZ and Australia. So if you are in these countries, ask lots of questions and only buy the latest technology plastics.

6:41 p.m. on January 16, 2010 (EST)
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Platypus bladders are BPA free and work well. Now I am using an MSR Hydromedary bag made of Cordura and again it's BPA free.

7:48 p.m. on January 16, 2010 (EST)
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You might check out this web site- I have heard many good things about them. I plan on switching when my Camelback wears out.

10:06 p.m. on January 16, 2010 (EST)
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camelbak bladders are made from polyurethane. i have to believe that all other soft bladders are. Bisphenol-A (BPA) was used to make hard plastic bottles, polycarbonate, but there was never and is not any BPA in any of the soft polyurethane camelbak bladders. i think you could safely get another camelbak bladder if you liked the old one.

6:26 a.m. on January 17, 2010 (EST)
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The Source work really well - I have 2 of them and they work for years. I know they changed a bit with the years, so I am not sure how they are now but should still be a good one to go with (the same with their sandals).

2:49 p.m. on January 17, 2010 (EST)
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The platypus water bladders are made from PET and their safty is still in doubt. Check out this link on them. They are talking about the bottles made from the same material but they also mention backpacking.

* Rant

Just so you guys know I am a stickler when it comes to food. Its what they are not telling you that will take you out. Here is a good example.

This stuff is in everything. I mean its in 90% of the products on the store shelves and it isn't on any labels. There are reasons of this and they all lead back to making money for a few people.

* end Rant

7:31 p.m. on January 17, 2010 (EST)
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looks like my rant link isn't working here is a link

8:26 p.m. on January 17, 2010 (EST)
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I thought I had it solved with a Boda (bota) bag but they have plastic lids made from who knows what type of plastic. I am going to have to carry a lot of water on a three or more day trip. There has to be an answer somewhere. When I hit a wall like this I usually ask what they used in the seventies. Does anyone know what they used? I am guessing WWII metal canteens.

1:05 p.m. on January 18, 2010 (EST)
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Thanks Leadbelly 2550

I looked up polyurethane and I cannot find anything wrong with it. I was looking for another solution because my camel back bite valve always leaked from day one. I guess I will just take the ones that don't work back to the store or get a replacement value somewhere.

I never checked the camel back before I purchased one the first time around. I wasn't checking for bad products at the time.

2:18 p.m. on January 18, 2010 (EST)
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Camelbak makes a bite valve with an integrated cutoff valve that would help reduce leakage when your drinking tube is hanging down. In face, my Camelbak Vantage 30 daypack came with the decked-out hydration setup (3L bladder, tube, tube insulator, upgraded bite valve w/ cutoff valve). The pack's left shoulder strap has a loop through which you thread the tube, keeping it more level and neaded to your mouth. Keeping the tube elevated also seems to reduce bite valve leakage. YMMV.

4:18 p.m. on January 18, 2010 (EST)
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i have had the bite valve problem. i think one of my kids thought it was a piece of chewing gum. extra valves are inexpensive, i found. haven't checked out the valves with the cut-off.

2:32 p.m. on January 19, 2010 (EST)
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The bite valves with the cutoff will still leak a bit if left hanging downward. If you use the loops on a the pack straps and keep it facing upward and vertical you shouldn't have much of a leak issue.

As for safety.....just go out and do what you enjoy. EVERYTHING these days will kill you! Too much of this, too much of that, this contains blah, so on and so forth. Did you know that too much oxygen can kill you? Same for water (not drowning) too! Not trying to cause friction, but most of the tests that are performed on these chemicals are tested with doses that most humans would never even get in 5 lifetimes. Anyways, I have used the old military style aluminum canteens that have the screw on lid with an adapter for gas masks (can put a pinch valve in the drinking tube since it doesn't have a valve) and it works pretty well.

Hope this helps.


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