UPDATE: dog pack recommendation - ruff wear palisades pack vs kelty "chuck wagon ?"

10:28 p.m. on June 7, 2010 (EDT)
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To all that assisted with dog pack recommendations ... thank you so much!

the subject is closed from my previous posting - however, i wanted to comment/review the pack recommended.

I just received Tucker's (yellow lab) Palisades dog pack. It's remarkable! It fits, sits, hugs far better than the Kelty dog pack [I think the "Chuck Wagon" not 100% sure] I have for Griffin (black lab).

You probably can't tell how well the fit from the pictures. (or the difference)

Notes [if you care]:

1. Removable: Both packs are removable from the harness - This, in my opinion, is required [great plus for letting them swim, chill, take a break]. The Kelty is attached by a large velcro patch on top of harness, the Ruff Wear by standard "clips". I like the clips better - because it assures the pack goes back on appropriately, weight distributed evenly on either side. I feel I'm always adjusting Griffin's pack when I put it back on after a random swim.

2. Size adjusting straps: The Kelty adjusting straps "dangle". I find I'm always trying to "tuck" them in as we hike/camp. The Ruff Wear's pack don't "dangle" - it's sewn to its adjusting strap and adjusting is still as easy. This is a big plus.

3. Comfort: there appears to be far more padding and attention to where the straps could irritate your dog on long hikes/trips with the Ruff Wear. The Ruff Wear has thorough padding that follows around the dog's underside.

4. Space [Cu in]: Though you may not be able to tell from photos here or online, there is far more pack space in the Ruff Wear pack. Kelty Medium is 500-620 cu. in. The Ruff Wear medium is 793 cu. in.

5. Water: Palisades come with two "camelbak" type bladders - cool feature - but seems a bit much. I'm wondering if the price of the pack would drop considerably if this was left out?

6. Price: Kelty - I spent around $40-50 [ too long ago to remember]. Ruff Wear - $100 [most places, retail is $124]. Is the Ruff Wear worth the price? Yes, absolutely, for long, several day/weekend trips. If you're on a budget, the Kelty is just fine for weekend trips [if you don't mind doing the above mentioned].

This is just my personal opinion. I am extremely happy with the Palisades. Griffin will get one as well, after I upgrade my water filter. :)

Thanks again everyone for previous posts about dog pack recommendations!

8:45 a.m. on June 8, 2010 (EDT)
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Thanks for sharing that update and photos, adk40. I'm sure it will be helpful for others.

I hope you'll write a user review of your dog pack(s), once you and your dogs have had time to test them out.


Have fun hiking with your dogs!

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