backwoods power generation

9:32 p.m. on February 1, 2011 (EST)
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lets face it with all the electronics we run new battteries are becoming a burden. here is what i have come up with . solar cells are great , but they are bulky for the roll out bundles .some brands can power a laptop but they weight is a concern to hike with . you can build your own .with the right resistors and blocking diode well done . kinda .it could take all day in direct sun light to charge (2) 2700 mAh AA lithum batteries at a safe rate. Power Film works ok . you can tie it on your pack just don't scratch it . they also make military fold out solar rolls too . there are a couple companies make these products. power peg just came out it kinda goes on the kinetics . as you do activity it builds power to charge what ever you have . i don't remember all the spec but sounded good . i do carry a small hand crank generator made from an old open face fishing real . i took out the part that made the spool go up and down and fixed the spool from moving. next i took off the bail and screwed a magnet to each both matched .(i used  2 kolbalt)then i trimed down the spool thin and wrapped it with thin copper wire make a good coil . i mounted it to a handle and add my resistors and verious adaptor. i burned my arm bad when test this thing. i had it hooked up to some 6v lights and they blew and the wires came unsoldered and burn my arm .so it is has the ability to reach 12v and higher and at good amps just realing faster. just woundered what you guys have come up with.      

9:51 p.m. on February 1, 2011 (EST)
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I use a Brunton Solaris 26 solar panel. It weighs less than a pound, folds down to 8x11 inches, unfolded is 2.5x4 feet. I kept all of my batteries charged to my camera, flashlights and laptop charged everyday while bicycle touring 1000 miles across Alaska in 2006.  I have had it about 7 years.


10:19 p.m. on February 1, 2011 (EST)
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mudfoot74: Your spinning reel electric generator sounds innovative. How about supplying a photo or more and the schematic. I would enjoy seeing your solution as I trust would others. You might want to consider protecting the stator and rotor from weather or you may have done so already.

10:12 a.m. on February 2, 2011 (EST)
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I used to know a guy in Moscow Idaho that made a water powered generator the size of a small soup can that would generate enough power (stored in a 12 volt motorcycle battery) to power a light bulb. It was made to sit in a stream with water flowing around it. That was in 1989. Just running in the stream it would power a bulb, but he designed it to store the energy in the battery.

Take a look at a magazine called "Mother Earth News" and if you can find some of its older magazines from the 70-80s look up all the alternete energy electric power homemade devices.

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