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1:53 p.m. on April 3, 2011 (EDT)
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Hello all, McHunter here. Listed below is a run down of all the gear currently in my pack for the AT thru hike. I am 6'2", 215lbs, have high arch feet, and ready for adventure. 


Already Purchased

5.57 lbs - Kelty Tioga 5000 External Backpack

5.10 lbs - 2x Nalgene Wide Mouth 32oz Bottles - Water Filled

4.90 lbs - Boxing Gear - Jump Rope, Weighted Gloves, Elastic Bands

4.15 lbs - Sony Camera System - For Professional Use

3.52 lbs - Zamberlan 631 Civetta GT RR Size 13 Boots

3.25 lbs - Mountain Hardware Helion 2 Tent

2.93 lbs - LuxuryLite Cot-Mil

2.20 lbs - First Need XL Water Filter

1.80 lbs - Big Agnes Horse Thief 35° Sleeping Bag

1.80 lbs - Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest Solar Large

1.80 lbs - Backup Shoes - Under Armor Cross Training Size 13

1.25 lbs - 2x Bridgedale X-Hale TrailBlaze XL Sock

0.81 lbs - Patagonia Down Sweater XL

0.56 lbs - Amazon Kindle 2 ebook reader

0.39 lbs - Sea to Summit Micro Towel XL

0.34 lbs - RAB Long Silk Bag Liner

0.32 lbs - Icebreaker Crew Sock XL

0.32 lbs - 2x Smartwool Liner L Sock 

0.20 lbs - Platypus 6.0L Water Tank


41.21 lbs - Total of gear weight so far.


Yet to purchase

dry stuff bags for food, cloths, misc

hard/soft shell waterproof jacket

first aid kit








Parachute Cord

lighter/fire source

5-6lbs Guessed weight of above items


8lbs 10 Day Dried Food Supply homemade from farmers market


3:28 p.m. on April 3, 2011 (EDT)
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Errr, 5 pounds of boxing gear??? Why? I don't think the bears on the AT are that tough. You don't think you will get enough exercise from the hike?

3:51 p.m. on April 3, 2011 (EDT)
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To hike the AT is admirable, something I have not yet done in it's entirety. I have hiked sobo from Clingmans Dome to Springer Mnt.

Because I have done this, and because I would love to see you do the whole thing, I must say that you are way overweight, even though I see you are a good sized fellow. I'm not saying that you can't do the whole AT at that weight, but in my opinion you could shave a lot of weight and enjoy the trip much more. That will give you a better chance of finishing.

Also, because I have not done the whole trail, and because another site I know of is such a great resource, I would highly encourage you to visit a website just for people who do what you are about to do.

You can get a lot of good info on Trailspace and I hope you take advantage of it, but also try this site:

These guys & gals eat, sleep, and breathe the AT.

Oh....and I like your boat.


4:06 p.m. on April 3, 2011 (EDT)
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mchunter- Iam a member of It's a webiste for Apalachian  trail enthusiets and die hards like myself.. try and help any persons trying to come hike in my area with directions and any tips I can provide. I also am a member of aslo of the appalachain trail and alot more quiet a site and do the dame for gear I will list alternative items to help you or put a question mark..As of now durieng April there are 120 ppl registered with whiteblaze to do the hike.They help the Apalachian Trail Conservacy keep an unofficial count until the end of the season or year...

4:41 p.m. on April 3, 2011 (EDT)
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@Bill, Yes the boxing gear is needed to maintain my training during the trip, and the 20 miles a day with a 50lbs pack is not quite a full workout.


@trouthunter, just signed up over at whiteblaze and it looks good. Thanks for that. I know going in that I am overweight with the camera, Cot, and boxing gear being my main splurges.  Hope to pick up tips on the gear I bought and on the other gear I plan to buy.


@Denis, signed up with whiteblaze, putting in my name for the thru hike hiker count now. I still have time left to exchange gear if some is not needed, and to get more useful items. I plan to round out the rest of my list in the next week, with a last stop at Rei in Atlanta before I set out for the trail. I am trying to prevent any "ahh crap" moments on the trail when I find out I am missing a vital piece of gear.

5:22 p.m. on April 3, 2011 (EDT)
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Ok so you up for options! Great thank you..

1) Nalagen bottles -replace with gatorade bottles weight 0.1 oz empty...You can replace them along the trail if they become funky..

2) .34lb Bag liner- Wont need it and is to much weight..

3) 2.93lb luxarylite Cot-Mil- to much weight..

4) 3.25lbs MH helium tent-? could you use a tarp weighs 10 oz or tarptent like listed in classifieds on Here 2.6pds and only need a ground cloth 3oz?

5) 1.8lbs backup shoes and Hiking boots? Have you thought of trail runners? Buy 2 pairs and ship one pair out when you need them or Buy a pair along the trail...

6)only need one lighter can replenish when you hit a town or Bumm a light from another hiker when yours runs out...

7) take enough food for about 6 days. with that mileage it should take you 5 to get to a town..

Also didn't see a guide book or maps? Guide book just take the sections you need and have the rest mailed to you. Same with Maps...

just with these changes it's 12 pds we ditched..More to go but thats up to you....Also change the filter your thinking of useing to Aquamira drops. It's a 2 part system that use's chlorine to clean the water and it only weighs 2oz... that saves you another 2lbs..14pds saved more if your up for it..won't touch your camera equipt read your a photographer...

8:21 a.m. on April 4, 2011 (EDT)
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Hi McHunter - I can certify that the jump rope won't get used!  If you're concerned about maintaining arm strength, trekking poles might be a good choice.  They help me maintain tricep and bicep strength during long hikes.  As far as other muscle development, most shelters have crossbeams that are great for pull ups.  I've departed for ever 1000+ mile hike on the AT fully intending to do all of these things, but never have!

I would also echo Dennis, Trout, and Bill.  Your gear is tending heavy.  There are clever ways to experience the same benefits for less weight. For instance, swapping chemicals for a mechanical filter, or a tarp-tent for a freestanding tent, or a quilt for a sleeping bag.  I've seen kindles on the trail, but I've relied on books that were dense and thin (a zen anthology) or cheap and crappy enough to burn (Tom Clancy - sorry!).  Sometimes, it's worth investing small amounts of weight in things that just make you feel better.  I carried a few tea-light candles on my last southbound hike just because they helped keep the loneliness at bay.

One way or another, you'll end up taking things you don't need or want.  It happens to me every time.  The important thing is to be able to let gear go when you realize you haven't used it in a week. 

You'll have a great adventure, I'm sure.  Keep your eyes and ears open out there, and you'll have experiences that will change your life!

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