Need help deciding on 9day trail through Yellowstone

11:07 a.m. on May 30, 2012 (EDT)
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Hi Everyone

We are getting ready to go to Yellowstone for 9 days in a week! Me and my hubby are very excited :). We were wondering if someone had any suggestions on trails that we can go where we will see lots of animals (except bears , which is highly unlikely...).  
We are getting a trail map for Yellowstone this week, we would like a nice 9 day loop trail that will take us to some nice areas and maybe some summits, and safe animal views. Lamar valley seems amazing, are there other places or specific trails to take? We can go anywhere in the park.

PS: We are arriving in Bozeman-MT and will be coming from the north western entrance.
Also if any of you guys are planning to be there on June 8th through the 17th let us know so we can maybe meet up at a camp site or trailhead! 



April 22, 2018
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