Collegiate wilderness trip

3:07 p.m. on August 2, 2012 (EDT)
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Hi all,

My names Kyle I am new to the forum. A buddy and I are going backpacking in Colorado's Collegiate Wilderness Area Sept 17 - 21. And I was wondering if anyone had any trail suggestions. By the way neither of us are "expert" backpackers. But camping and hiking we are used to.



4:24 p.m. on August 3, 2012 (EDT)
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If you have two cars for a short shuttle, the walk into Missouri Basin is a pleasant couple of days.  The basin is spectacular if seen from Elkhorn Pass and you have Mt Harvard, Missouri, Belford and Oxford all within easy reach.  The route up Harvard from the old Hermits cabin (and mines shown on map segment if zoom in) east of the falls about a mile - starts with a use trail just across the creek from the cabin and then up to the long ridge.  We came down directly north from the ridge to the small dead lake below. Look for a large constructed pier ('duck') to locate where to cross the talus above the south part of the lake. and then followed the outlet from that lake (right side of the gully facing down) down a ridge via an old use or prospector trail to Pine Creek.    Its a good two day walk in from the trail head and parking just south on the road from Clear Lake Res.

Exit out Missouri Gulch to the other car.  Good 4 day trip if you are fishing or peak topping.

It seems like a forever trail down from the pass.  Must be even longer up the Gulch. But the Gulch is the fastest way in to the three more northern 14'rs.,-106.26595&z=12&t=T&marker0=38.92444%2C-106.32058%2Cmt%20harvard

4:35 p.m. on August 3, 2012 (EDT)
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Yale has a nice multi-day trip around it from Cottonwood Creek camp ground just south of the peak.  You can also take a whack at Columbia to the north from the pack trail.

Mt Princeton is just a long slog from the east.

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