mid-March hikes near the mid-west

9:53 p.m. on February 26, 2013 (EST)
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My fiancé and I are wanting to plan a 5 day backpacking trip over spring break, which is mid-march. We live in Oklahoma and don't mind some driving. Any suggestions? We have done some hiking in the Ouachita Mountains, eagle rock loop was our last trip, and a trail in the Ozarks as well - several years ago, can't remember the trail. We would like to try something a little different, get out of this area. Our only limitation would be climbing, he's experienced but I'm still a newbie, so trails that don't require any climbing gear would be a plus. Thanks for any suggestions!

10:45 a.m. on February 28, 2013 (EST)
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I don't know driving times as I am either a hiker or bicycle tourer. How long is your spring break and where in Oklahoma do you live/go to school? ( BTW- I went to a small community college in Poteau OK in the early 1970s called then Carl Albert Jr College. ) How far can one drive in a day? How limit distance would give you ample time to do a 2-3 day hike? Example: A friend of mine near San Diego CA is driving out to hike with me near Tucson, during his spring break. It will take him 2 1/2 days each way so we will only have maybe one night/two days to stay out in the mountains.

Maybe you could go down to Big Bend in southwestern Texas? Or go west to the Gila Wilderness of west central New Mexico? 


Big Bend TX


Gila Wilderness N.M.

10:37 a.m. on March 1, 2013 (EST)
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Very important, forgot to mention: we will be taking our dogs with us. We have 2 medium sized mutts that usually join us on our adventures. We have six days total, including traveling. Will be coming from OSU (Stillwater). The max we want to drive is 12 hours, so we will have at least 3 days of trail time. I'd love to go to New Mexico, I've just gathered that its still very cold and sometimes snowy in March (misinformation maybe?), at least in the areas we had looked at before.

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