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10:40 a.m. on November 4, 2013 (EST)
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I was going to go biking and hiking today but think I will stay home today, its only 37 degrees at 8 am and the humidity is 50%. Much like last Thursday when I rode to Miners Gulch and found the barn and derrick structures. I am off again Friday when it supposed to be nice again. Too cold and rainy looking for a 10 mile ride today, 20 miles round trip. May go to town later to go to the post office. It looks like snow weather out there, but its not supposed to snow down here just up on the rim country above like the White Cliffs 1000 feet above me or Bryce 4000 feet above. Its windy too! 

Just described hiking the Grand Canyon to a interested member if you are interested to read my posts at Trip Planning under my " bike trip to the south rim of the grand canyon" post there. I told about what to expect as he wants to hike the canyon with friend R2R (rim to rim) in May 2014. I also later in my next reply told about my first experiences in the canyon in 1983.

Yeah, think I am a inside man today. There will be plenty of nicer days to hike this winter. Can test all my new gear, tent,pack,hiking shoes,sleeping pad,long underwear,down jacket,etc. I know the down jacket works well as I wear it to ride to work and am plenty warm in it. Gloves will work better when I am not cycling 20 mph and its just cold out with no high wind chill and can use my pockets as well.

The Golite pack I bought is only a 50 liter but for 3-4 days a week it will be big enough. My tent is not free standing and later I may buy one that is for camping in the slick rock areas. I have not had a inflatable sleeping pad in years so it will be interesting to see how that compares to my 27 year old Ensolite pad, tho I will most likely use both for better insulation against the cold. I bought hiking shoes instead of boots as I have gotten used to hiking in running shoes hiking in the desert around Tucson. They are actual hiking shoes tho, Keens.

I am looking forward to getting out this winter and hopefully enjoying the cold weather camping, days should be okay walking and staying warm. My new Campmor 0 degree bag should keep me toasty and my long underwear also.


May 26, 2018
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