World's Best Trails - NatGeo Style

9:13 a.m. on April 29, 2014 (EDT)
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This is a bit in the same vein as the recent forum thread that linked Yahoo's "10 Serious Adventures Anyone Can Conquer." 

However, the big difference here is that these "best trails" are those recommended by "outdoor luminaries" - authors, outdoor company CEOs, filmmakers, legitimate hikers, etc. 

Some trails are not even 4 miles (ie: Solomon Gulch Trail in Valdez, Alaska), while others are famous long-distance ones (PCT) and although the list is a bit North America heavy, it does include trails from around the world including places like Hong Kong, South Sudan, Iceland and many more. 


10:41 a.m. on April 29, 2014 (EDT)
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This is another armchair exercise by people probably in a high rise in New York. They are enamored with the exotic and obscure.

By the time a trail is as famous as these, most are being loved to death.

I prefer the many trails and parts of the country without trails that shall remain nameless in places like Alaska, BC, Washington and Nevada.

There is no point in traveling half way around the world to places that don't have the rules for conservation that we have in North America. Most of these ecosystems are highly impacted by humans. There are opportunities for cultural interaction and to learn from other cultures. But that doesn't make up for the fact that the most beautiful country in the world is on this continent. Just one person's biased opinion from traveling overseas.



May 21, 2018
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