Summer Trip Planning?

7:49 p.m. on April 17, 2017 (EDT)
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I don't know how many loyal members there are here, but I want to hear what trips you are planning for this summer only a month away.

Me, I am doing the same thing I have been doing for 40 years, being semi-retired. In the last 40 years since my first epic journey, when in June-Oct 1977 I hitchhiked 10,000 miles in less than 4 months, all over the USA, including Alaska.

So this late spring, summer, fall, winter...I am just "chill'n" in Durango. Had a big hike yesterday, read it in Trip Reports. 

This winter will be cold at 6500', so I may stay indoors some, but soon I have have unlimited passes to go to Silverton CO 9305' any til, Dec 31, and as a Veteran, (Navy 75-76) I got a free Durango Trolley a while ago, but knowing me I won't use it till winter makes the streets and avenues to icy to cycle on. No fat Tire bike do I have YET. 

So tell be boys and girls, WTF, so for my French, are you doing this summer? Long trips two weeks hiking around Crater Lake? Or maybe my favorite bike touring! I think I started talking about cycle touring first here?

Ok, enough about my summer. How about yours?

Durango, my home for a while...>

2:03 a.m. on April 18, 2017 (EDT)
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We've already got a start on it, with a trip to Patagonia this spring.  

Only big trip is out of Mineral King this summer, but we'll take 3-4 shorter trips in the Sierra...

6:40 a.m. on April 18, 2017 (EDT)
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We start working on the family camping plans early in the year because they intertwine with my wife's work schedule and our daughter's school dates. It is important to us to get the big trips on the calendar because we often need Baxter reservations, but also so that other things don't prevent us from going. Giving me something to do during the Winter other than camping in blizzards is also a benefit of long term planning.

So far we have a family warm up trip in late May with BSP reservations for Martin Ponds and Katahdin Lake sites. Mid June I have a ~150 mile AT section planned with reservations in BSP for the family to come pick me up. In July the boys from TX will come up for what looks like a lazy week up in BSP.  We have a week blocked early in August for a family trip with no plan yet, but later in the month we have a 5 night Baxter trip reserved that will take us into a part of the park even I haven't seen yet. Then in September I have one last shot at the LT, the good lord willing and none of my legs or tires fall off.

Knowing I have all that on my plate I am starting to get curious about where I may go in between. Time for more planning :)

9:32 a.m. on April 18, 2017 (EDT)
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well I've already done 12 short backpacking trips this year with 20 nights out covering 322 miles, as well as another Florida Springs trip with the wife where we hiked, paddled, and snorkeled and swam.

Next weekend I've tentatively planned to meet John Starnes from Trailspace somewhere between South Carolina and East TN but we have not decided yet.

The weekend after that Susan and I are planning an overnight to Citico Wilderness in the Nantahala National Forest.

I have not decided on the "big trip" this year yet ( I usually go solo for 7-9 days somewhere out west). Wind River range in WY is most likely but there are a few competing ideas so far. Zions is calling and I'm hearing something from the Cascades in the PNW too. Maine is on the list too...

Too many options!

Oh yeah, I bought maps for Weminuche Wilderness near Durango too!

10:28 a.m. on April 18, 2017 (EDT)
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My trips are going to be thrown together at the last minute this year. Sidelined since April with back problems and sciatic nerve pain aggravated by long driving trips to colleges to help my senior decide where to go. With two college bills, no big travel plans except maybe some time in the White Mtns in June. Saving money for my big trip to Scotland next year hopefully.

5:55 p.m. on April 18, 2017 (EDT)
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I will be doing a four day trip to Lake Thomas Edison with an in-laws family, in July.  Edison is a large reservoir, miles wide and long in the heart of the Sierra.  We'll take the water taxi to the far side of the lake, then a short backpack to a lakeside camp.  They have two youngsters, ages five and seven, so this will be more like expeditionary picnicking.  I will be hauling tons of stuff, making the camp in two hauls, but as I said it will be a short walk.

In late July I am doing another shorty with the same in-law, some of his friends, and a college friend of mine to Green Lakes, above Bishop, Ca.  We'll do some fishing and XC walks for summit hopping.

I may do a extended hike in the Sierra, probably solo.  A large loop in southern Yosemite NP originating from Glacier Point and circumscribing Triple Divide Peak has my curiosity, as I have only visited this area previously in the winter.  Another alternative is a hike to what should be one of the most epic of vistas overlooks in the Sierra, to a high point directly above and northeast of the confluence of the Kern River and Wallace Creek, due west of Mt Whitney.  This hike will be long one - over 70 miles - originating out of Mineral King.  I may bag Whitney from the back side as a side trip, since I'll already be in the area!  Given the tough vertical gains and losses and the food haul weights, I figure this jaunt to be quite the challenge.  Just getting over Glacier Pass with 25 pounds of foods should be lots of fun...

But my bigger plans are returning to ski trekking/mountaineering in the western US, after a 20 some year hiatus, now that my daughter is out of college and the family can no longer use my parental obligations as a reason to preclude engaging in these activities.  Therefore I am planning to get recertified in snow safety and appropriate related applicable skills during the course of the next winter season.



10:03 p.m. on April 18, 2017 (EDT)
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I'm most looking forward to an 80-mile yo-yo on the Bay De Noc trail next month; it traces a bluff line north to south from Lake Michigan to Lake Superior, splitting the UP. Conditions will allow me to take just a hip pack, and pace it out over three-day period.

Otherwise, I have plans to yo-yo the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Trail as well, around the same time of year. Now that I think about it, if only there was a way to link them up...the northern terminus of the BDN trail is only a few miles from the west end of the PRNLT, after all. That would be a really fun jaunt.

9:35 a.m. on April 19, 2017 (EDT)
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Vince, did the big snow year make you reconsider the PCT?

11:00 a.m. on April 19, 2017 (EDT)
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Great 2 days and 7 replies later, keep 'em coming, lets hear from you, what do you want to do this year outdoors!?

Besides this above....Hard situation....

12:07 p.m. on April 19, 2017 (EDT)
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@Patrick: Well, you know how as soon as you plan something important, life colludes in such a way as to prevent your plan from coming to fruition as imagined? Yeah, that happened.

No worries though. I have learned, after living this life thus far, that successful plans are often resilient ones with room for modification. All in due time.

By the way, I was making a little joke there earlier...the Bay De Noc trail runs right into the North Country Trail, of which the PRNLT is part. So essentially, a trailhead leading to a few thousand miles of adventure is a stone's throw from my house.

10:54 p.m. on April 19, 2017 (EDT)
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I have a road trip coming up shortly to hit some areas I haven't been to before in WY, the Black Hills in SD and then loop down through CO and then end up in Moab UT for a few days. I hope to get in a little fishing, more hiking, and then see what my Outback can do on some of the easier trails outside of Moab.

In August I have a trip planned to do another section hike on the JMT starting at Red's Meadow and then heading south past Whitney to the Cottonwood lakes area.

11:21 a.m. on April 20, 2017 (EDT)
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All 3-day weekends including Red River Gorge, KY last month, Dolly Sods WV this wknd, Seneca Rocks WV in May (climbing), Dolly Sods again in June, Spruce Knob WV in July, Zaleski Nat'l Forest, OH and Dolly Sods again in Oct. Aug and Sept still open. :)  

10:25 p.m. on April 20, 2017 (EDT)
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Welcome Mr.Hick to the group! 

3:51 p.m. on April 21, 2017 (EDT)
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Great topic and thanks for sharing. Well, now that my official backpacking season is winding down (many overnights/3-day treks in Florida), I have some grand plans for this year that are starting to become firmer. My sights for over a year have been set on doing my first ever thru-hike on the Te Araroa in New Zealand, starting around Nov-Dec this year. Now, in the past week, I have become a bit enamored with doing some or all of the Colorado Trail this summer. I figured it would be a good warm-up for the TA, plus I'd have the local support of my parents in CO. This all necessitates quitting my job and running off to a foreign country for 4-5 months, leaving behind my husband and family half a world away, all while trying to deal with the challenges of a thru-hike for the first time. The CT would be a great stepping stone to that, but also requires planning and takes away time from the planning of the TA. Anyone have any experience with either trail?

6:44 a.m. on April 22, 2017 (EDT)
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@ Lah My friend Bill Cooke( Cookerhiker) thru hike the Colorado trail and also section hiked the AT...You can find his website Shades of grey splashes of color..Thats a book he wrote about his thru hike..I have hiked with Bill...There's a contact on his website..You could ask him anything I am sure...Tell him you know me from a forum or you can say you know Hobbs my trialname or my real name.. I suggested you talk to him...Erin Saver(wired) just did  the TE and a another friend Micheal Jurasius did it last year..If you were on social media be easier to get information at times.I followed Micheal pretty well the year before Erin has a blog...You might find her blog and contact her...Hope this helps you Lah wish you happy hiking :)

5:07 p.m. on April 22, 2017 (EDT)
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I have some short overnighters planned in souther NM, Lincoln National Forest area.  In September it's fly fishing all month.  But I do have a trip planned into the heart of the Pecos Wilderness searching for the Rio Grande Cutthroats.  That will be mid September.

5:29 p.m. on April 22, 2017 (EDT)
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Thank you for the contacts Denis. I've been following the FB pages for the TA but will look into those names. happy trails to you!

12:50 p.m. on May 3, 2017 (EDT)
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Laurel highlands trail in Pennsylvania in June,....Baxter in Maine in July and New Hampshire In August...September I will be in Pennsylvania again hiking with friends.Trip were working out now...But I have no plans of yet for fall...

6:34 p.m. on May 7, 2017 (EDT)
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So far, 2017 has been productive. Other than a hit & run quick overnight in southern coastal NC (family funeral) last week, I've racked up eight trips on the AT in VA/MD/PA totaling 11 nights, I think. 

-I'm taking a tenderfoot out on his first bp overnight next week; my guess is on the AT in MD...Out & Back from the original Washington Monument to Pogo.

-I'm considering driving down to Damascus VA for Trail Days May 19-21, but that's questionable with everything else on my plate...

-Holding a LNT Awareness Workshop on the AT for a small group tentatively June 11-12 on the AT in MD.

-NOW for one of big ones. I hit the lottery for overnight permits into the Enchantments, WA! I'm leading a trip July 19-23, and expect it to get pretty tricky getting around the upper basin, Little Annapurna & whatnot. My wife and I said 'what the hay' & decided to drive to the PNW from Baltimore... :) We're planning on a couple short city stops, but hope to do some hiking in Theodore Roosevelt NP, a short backpacking recon trip in Glacier NP (I WANNA PLAN 2 WEEKS NEXT YEAR), touch Yellowstone NP & something in CO. *gulp*

-I'd really like to try to get out to western NC for the eclipse in August... 

-I am also pretty serious about End-To-End hiking the Long Trail in VT this autumn. LoneStranger and I might get an opportunity to cross paths again... The goal is to SOBO mid-September... 

August 17, 2017
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