Any Utah residents here?

8:48 p.m. on May 3, 2003 (EDT)

Hey Utah Folks,
There is a possibility that I may be tranfering to Utah State University, in Logan, Utah next year (long story). But I have no idea what the area is like. Has anyone been to or lived in Logan? What's the demographic like? Conservative, liberal? Also, are there good opportunities for outdoor recreation close by? How close is it to Wasatch Cache National Forest?

Any information on that area would be greatly appreciated!



11:54 p.m. on May 4, 2003 (EDT)
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I'm about an hour south, but go up there to ski

Logan is a great place for outdoor stuff.. but then, almost all of Utah is, in one way or another. I have a friend at Utah Sate right now, he loves it up there, but he likes quite towns, spends too much time in the mountains to worry about any kind of "nite life". Logan is right in the northen part of the Wasach-Cache Nat'l forest area- some great biking trails and trout streams just outside town. As far as conservative-liberal, it would probably be considered ultra conservative by someone outside the state, but, after all, this is Utah-probably the most conservative spot on the continent (the world?)! Someone from other parts of Utah might say it's a liberal free-wheeling college town- yeah, right! You probably won't find a more racially homogenous place either- I've lived here 3 years and can count the number of non-whites I've seen on both hands- but I live in a particularly small city, Salt Lake is much more diverse- but that's all relative. I find the people friendly, nice, helpful- just very conservative. It is also a very safe place to live- not a lot of crimes of any sort outside the Salt Lake area. Be prepared for lots of snow and cold winters- Logan is particularly cold from what I have heard. Grab some recreation maps of Utah and see all the stuff there is to do right out your front door.

4:45 p.m. on May 14, 2003 (EDT)

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Has anyone been to or lived in Logan?

I was a professional student at Utah State for a long time...


What's the demographic like? Conservative, liberal?

The community is small and very conservative. The students vary. A lot of the Utahns that wouldn't be caught dead going to BYU end up at USU. There is a decent sized contingent of international students, which seem to go to USU because it's cheap and there is almost no crime; quite a few Indians and Chinese. Over the last half decade the Hispanic population in Cache Valley has increased a lot.

SLC is about an hour and fifteen minute drive away and has most of what you can't find in Logan.


Also, are there good opportunities for outdoor recreation close by? How close is it to Wasatch Cache National Forest?

The USU campus is about a 3/4 of a mile away from the opening of Logan Canyon; there is National Forest on either side of the opening. The Naomi Peak Wilderness Area is a few miles from campus--less if you hike off the gravel road that goes up Green Canyon.

For road cycling its really nice. It's a thirty-five mile ride from campus to the summit of Logan Canyon, and you can always drop down into the Bear Lake area. Blacksmith Fork Canyon is a fifty mile out and back ride from campus; the fifteen mile length of the canyon is low traffic and has a river next to the road--there were times where I did this ride every other day. And you can always ride into Idaho or around the Wellsville mountains to the west if you are looking for something longer.

I don't fish, but I always saw a lot of people fly fishing the river in Blacksmith Fork Canyon, so I assume there is something in there (trout). I imagine you could also fish Logan river or Bear Lake. There are a couple of reservoirs in the valley. People water ski in Hyrum Reservoir; maybe you can fish there too. The Bear River that meanders through the vally has a few access points for paddling sports.

The mountain biking is okay. There are a lot of short trails, but the all the splotches of wilderness area limit what could have been some really great trails. There is a lot of fire roads and ATV trails around the backside of Mount Logan. This is stuff like a twenty-five mile dirt road between the end of Blacksmith Fork Canyon and the summit of Logan Canyon. That road network actually extends both North and South from those two canyons. ATVs use it during summer and snowmobilers during winter. Supposedly you can snowmobile from Ogden to Twin Falls, Idaho. All that is mountain bikable. So you can do some epic endurance mountain biking, but most of it is not single track. There is a lot of sweet stuff if you go down to Ogden and SLC, though.

I did a ton of off trail hiking in the area--basically peak bagging everything and anything. Lots of opportunities for that. There are some decent trails up Green Canyon, which is about four miles from campus. There is also a bunch of stuff around Tony Grove, which is twenty miles up Logan Canyon plus another seven miles up to the lake--those seven miles are great on a bike, BTW. There is also a trail that goes down the spine of the Wellsville mountain range (all wilderness area) on the western edge of the valley.

While training for an ultra-marathon I often did a route from the mouth of Green Canyon to Tony Grove and back, about thirty-five miles round trip. The only time I ever saw anyone in the meat of the route was the time I stumbled across some people horse camping. There are a lot of places similar to that, where you will rarely see anyone else.

You can always drive down south for a lot of hiking and climbing. The Wasatch mountains change as you go from South to North. It's pretty cool. The mountains around Timpanogus are different than those around Lone peak, which are different than those around Twin Peaks and Mt. Olympus, which are different than those around Mt. Ogden, which are different than those around Mt. Logan. It's a change in the type of rock. Lots of varied climbing.

There are quite a few of running events if you are into that. Short stuff right up to the big daddy, the Wasatch Front 100.

The skiing doesn't need a paragraph.

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