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6:17 a.m. on April 12, 2008 (EDT)
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Hi there.

I'm planning a trip to Iceland this July, and I'm hoping to explore some of the mountains and ice-caps. In particular I'm interested in routes over the Vatnajokull ice-cap. Does anybody know of any mountaineering guides to Iceland? Or does anybody have any first hand experience of mountaineering or glacier trekking in the area?



7:01 p.m. on June 23, 2008 (EDT)
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Hi Bill,

I don't have any current travel info to Iceland but I did go there on a scout camping trip back in the 80s. We went to that peninsula in the NW corner of the island. We did a 21 hr crossing of the smaller ice cap up there which was pretty cool. It was at the end of our school year so it must have been in June. Things I remember, other than the crappy food that one of the hippy teachers prepared for us...

It's very scenic and isolated. There are hardly any people there and most of them live in Reykyavik. Don't forget to buy wool sweaters when you're there. that's all they make aside from fish. All the roads were made of crushed volcanic rock.

I remember the landscape was like this: shoreline covered in pebbles and rocks. Then the land immediately rises steeply and grass covered to a plateau. The plateau is all volcanic rock which is really rugged and sharp. Tough on boots. Also the grass was tussocky and wet all the time. Gaiters a must.

Because it was summer the icecap tended to get slushy during the daytime so again very wet. We had crampons but I don't remember how much we used them.

I don't remember bugs being a problem.

There are no trees at all on the island.

I would bet it rained a lot but since I lived in the UK at the time we probably wouldn't have noticed :)

Final note - never let the hippy teacher get control of the food!!


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