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8:52 a.m. on January 26, 2009 (EST)
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Have any of you ever done the entire trail? If so, what was your favorite part? I am planning an extended trip (3 weeks) on the trail and I would like to do the most beautiful and remote part. At first I was going to start in Georgia (where I live), but now I am thinking that if there is a more interesting place to start, why not begin there. Just looking for some opinions.

9:33 a.m. on January 26, 2009 (EST)
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Hello, Rucker. You would probly get better/more replies by going to

I wish I could find 3 weeks to do the same.

11:21 a.m. on January 26, 2009 (EST)
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One of the unique characteristics of the AT is that it is not "remote". It crosses roads and goes right through towns, and yet most of it is on mountain trails in the woods going over the highest points of many states. A trail section in every state has its "most beautiful spot". It might be a long distant view of mountains, a waterfall in a small stream, a tunnel of blooming rhododendron, a meadow at high altitude, a shelter you approach at the end of a rainy day. Because it is not remote, you meet other hikers, and that is another beauty of the trail. So, from that perspective I would suggest you start on the trail section that is nearest to you. In your case, Georgia. Let's say you hike 100 miles in 10 days, 21 days gets you into the middle of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, now what could be more beautiful than that hike?
Start here:

8:23 p.m. on January 27, 2009 (EST)
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Hi Rucker28,

I agree with rambler, and white blaze is a good place to get AT specific info as TravHale suggested.

I have not done the whole trail.
I have done a lot of the Southern sections. All of the AT is special in it's own way, but not remote as rambler points out.
If this is your first time out on the AT I would recommend starting close to home just to get a feel for the AT.

Then go do something like McAfee Knob if you wish. (just google it)

1:32 p.m. on January 28, 2009 (EST)
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You could consider doing the Benton MacKaye trail from Springer north thru the Cohuttas/Big Frog/Hiwassee/Upper Bald/Whiggs/Citico/Slickrock areas. You'd still be crossing roads periodically and in the summer you'd be hearing the godawful whine of the racing motorcycles below you, but it's not as bad as on the AT. Winter is different, of course, not as much noise.

One big drawback to me on the AT is how it stays up on the ridges all the time, I'd rather get some river valley walking in, too. And up on the ridges is where you hear all the noise pollution.

I think alot of AT people would mention the Maine area and the 100 mile wilderness. Far from Georgia, though.

9:13 p.m. on January 28, 2009 (EST)
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franconia ridge has always looked cool to me

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