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9:54 a.m. on January 13, 2011 (EST)
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i'm new to the site and love it. can't wait for all the help. me and my friend are possiby going to hike somewhere around on the cumberland trail, perferably in the chattanooga area. any suggestions on the best overnight trail in that area. i've heard good things about the laurel snow area and the possum creek section of the three gorges. we are going on the 22nd and 23rd. thanks.

2:55 p.m. on January 13, 2011 (EST)
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Welcome to Trailspace!

There is another new member, Omatty,  inquiring about overnight trails in the Chattanooga area- is he the friend you're going with?

Oddly enough, even though I live here, I haven't hiked much of the cumberland trail so I can't offer too much info on it. Laurel Snow is one of my favorite local spots, however. The CT section between Signal Point and Edwards point is pretty heavily trodden, but still beautiful. I haven't hiked the Suck Creek section on the trail, but have done some rock hopping in the gorge, and it is really stunning. There are two loop-trails in Prentice cooper that should provide some great escarpment hiking. There is one above and one below Snoopers Rock, and either of them look really good. There are campsites on all of the CT sections, just be sure to register for them. I don't think there is any limit or fee, but the rangers will not be friendly if you don't fill out their form.

Fiery Gizzard and Savage gulf are fairly close as well, you might check them out. The backcountry section of North Chickamauga is currently closed, as the fire earlier this year took out some wood bridges and ladders, but it is scheduled to be back open in about two weeks.  

Good Luck!

8:55 a.m. on January 14, 2011 (EST)
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thanks you for the advice. yeah, omatty is the friend i was talking about. he turned me onto this forum, but i didn't realize he had already posted. things are looking like we are going to be putting off our spence field hike until maybe early march, but we are definitely looking forward to hiking some of the CT. thanks again for your suggestions.

10:13 a.m. on January 14, 2011 (EST)
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I'm with Gonzan. I'm around here, but never did overnights on the Cumberland Trail. The problem for me is its so strung out in such different sections right now and at the same time there doesn't seem to be any good maps of it. So, half the time, I don't even know if I'm on the Cumberland Trail or not. I know I've hiked sections of it.

For an overnight, I'd be more inclined to say do Savage Gulf or one of the trails in South Cumberland State Park myself. I just think it's a little more primitive and some better views. But that's just my opinion.


12:11 p.m. on January 14, 2011 (EST)
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don't forget about me rocklion. we're basing our decision about cades cove next weekend on your report.

1:12 p.m. on January 14, 2011 (EST)
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I know. I'll email you Monday morning.

But also bare in mind that over the week conditions could change from when I go. Supposed to be warming up this weekend, so I suspect we'll be running into some melting.

I just looked at the 10-day forecast and they are calling for it to be in the 40s next week. So, it might work out well for you all. I could be in five-foot snowdrifts this weekend and you all may be hitting one-foot snowdrifts with a few inches on the ground by next week. You know where to find the snow report?

Just google weather report Smoky Mountains. 

Forecasts can be tricky too, especially ten days out. I was looking at the 10-day forecast two weeks ago and it didn't say anything about 8 inches of snow.

2:21 p.m. on January 14, 2011 (EST)
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i'll keep an eye on it. i'm also going to try and keep in touch with the rangers.

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