camping/fishing/hiking on the coast of OR

2:44 a.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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It's time for a motorcyle road trip  I will be taking a Road trip leaving the Seattle area starting on July 12-13 and heading to Randel WA for a Moto Guzzi rally in the National Forest.  After that it's up to Repblic to the BMW rally from July 21-24.  From there I'll be haeding to the coast of OR via Portland OR.  I'll stay a night or two in Portland for a guided fishing trip most likely on the Columbia for sturgeon unless there are some summer Steelhead running.  It's then down the coast depending on the weather and I want to do mostly beach camping where I can fish if possible.  It dosen't really matter where on the coast as I'll have as long as I want for the trip though I'd figure it'll be 10-14 days.  It will also be weather dependent once I hit the coast.  If OR is looking bad then I'll head to CA and visit the Coastal Redwoods.  Any info on beach camping/fishing along the OR coast into northern CA would be much appreaicted.  If there is anything along the way you think is just to cool that I shouldn't miss feel free to speak up as I can go where I want when I want.  If you want to let me know of your favoriate micro breweries along the way that would be most helpful as this is also a brewery run.  This will be my 11th trip up or down the 101 so feel free to recomend anything.  Thanks All

8:31 a.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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I think you already know that the beaches in Oregon are free. Some towns do have limits on camping. But overall , all you need to have is a good map that shows access to beach areas to camp. Its free.

A brew run!....Only 10 days?......You will never get out of Portland! LOL

I live 20 miles south of Florance, in Reedsport. And will have the 19-21st off. We could camp a night or two down at Sparrow Park. Not realy a park but a beach that runs 25 miles, Many freash water lakes, and ocean fishing. I'll get you a list of brewers to visit, down 101 and up the 5 making it a round trip.

8:54 a.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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This is a incompleat list of Brewers and brewpubs within 200 miles of me.

BTW I do like a Ale or two, 3,4,.......

8:55 a.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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just clicked the link, didnt work. enter 97467 for zip and it will get you there.

10:05 a.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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We go to the Oregon coast almost every Spring.  I always camp at Beverly Beach just North of Newport.  I used to camp at Oswald West, which was REALLY cool with a small suspension bridge and a fun surfer beach.  Pacific City is also beautiful.  I think Oswald West was closed recently but it might be re-opened.  A MUST SEE if you can go there at all.


Go CRABBING and clamming! In Newport you can rent a crab ring and catch your dinner from a bunch of docks with a skinned mink or punctured can of cat food as bait.   We have good luck from the docks on the North side of Yaquina bay.  Also I recomend the Newport Aquarium.  Clamming is also great at low tide.  Rent or buy a shovel and dig your dinner.  I can dig more pounds of clams and cockles than I can catch in crab. 

Yes, its wet in Oregon, and really windy, plan accordingly.  Eat chowder at Mo's either at Devil's Punch Bowl (our fav) or in Newport. 

SKIP THE SEALION CAVES!  Lame, Lame LAme!  Did I mention its lame? You can see WAY more sealions and from WAY closer at the docks in Newport where the crab boats dock:




PM ME if you want more info.


4:48 p.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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Oh ya, the Rogue Brewery in Newport, on the South side of Yaquina Bay is fun too.  They have a stout that I like even more than Guiness.  Plus they also have about thirty other beers to "sample."

6:16 p.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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Pints at Rogue are near $7. And not that good for the most part. Mo's is over rated. Many better places to eat, and cheaper.

I dont know the area north of Rockaway Beach. But as FSS said Pacific City is a must, Pelican Brewery, very nice beach,. There is a small county park behind a hotel just across the street. Good for a overnight sleep. Lincoln City has a good brewhouse, but is a traffic zoo. We camp at Tellicom (sp) just north of Yahats. Newport has a cool old town. Then you are on your way to Florance. Just north of Florance stop 1/4 mile before Sealion Caves. Great view. Sealions swiming and suning by the 100's. Its a big pull over, you cant miss it. Hit Florances oldtown (Beachcombers). Tell them Mike and Rita sent you. And ask them for directions to Wakanda Brewery. South of there, make sure you look us up. Maybe before you stop in Florence, I'll grab my Growlers. hehe. Any way I will PM you about alot of stuff.

6:38 p.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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Thanks everyone for the recomendations.  These are all great and I'll Google them to see what fit's into my travel's..This will alos give me a list of things to do and palces to go if I have to alter my plans due to weather.

I've been to Rogue brewery and it is a wonderful place to imbibe.  That was on of the breweries I was plamming on visiting.  They make some might fine beers.


Mike you said you have 19-21 off.  Is this your normal weekend?  I'll be In Republic WA from the 21st-24th.  I then thought I'd stop back by my property and switch out gear as I'll need a shower and it is on my way back to the coast, the 24th.  I'll have to get some different tents, more fishing poles, a growler and all my info on the coast and host of other gear for the beach.  I'll would guess that I will spend the night and leave the next day, the 25th.  I would guess my first day in Northern OR will be late July 25th and I will be in your area on the 26th more or less as my plans are still evolving.  Any time off around these dates.  I tryed the link (Beer) and could not get it to work as I couldn't find a place other that the search box(didn't work) to impute the zip code.  If you figure it out let me know.  I know there is a ton of sites regarding beer/breweries and I'll will look as well.  What I'm really after are the breweries that you all prize for their quality beer.    I don't care about the quality of the facility as far as it being upscale or any thing like that.  And as I'm sure a great deal of you will understand, it is after all, all about the beer, is it not?  Now correct me if I'm wrong.

In regards to FISHING:  If you all know of any cool spot's, ocean,  river, lakes,  that your willing to share, please.......share.  If it's a place that your willing to share but don't want everyone on the web to see it, PM me.  I'd rather be fishing than looking for places to fish.  Thanks, FromSagetoSnow I just may take an afternoon and go crabbing.  Good idea.  Maybe even clamming (never done that before).  If anyone wants to take a day(s) off and go camping/fish let me know here or PM me.


Keep the ideas comming if you can think of things.  As I haven't been out for a while I want to have a list of contingencies in case I have to move down the coast due to weather.  Thanks

7:46 p.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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Chateau Lorane, Brewery, Lorane Oregon 35.7 miles
Wakonda Brewing Co., Brewery, Florence Oregon 41 miles
Ninkasi Brewing Company, Brewery, Eugene Oregon 52.6 miles
Oakshire Brewing, Brewery, Eugene Oregon 52.6 miles
Eugene City Brewery, Brewery, Eugene Oregon 52.7 miles
McMenamins, High Street, Brewpub, Eugene Oregon 52.7 miles
Steelhead Brewing Company, Brewery, Eugene Oregon 53 miles
Hop Valley Brewing Company, Brewpub, Springfield Oregon 56.1 miles
Brewers Union Local 180, Brewpub, Oakridge Oregon 67.7 miles
Wild River Brewing & Pizza Company, Brewpub, Grants Pass Oregon 73 miles
Block 15 Restaurant and Brewery, Brewpub, Corvallis Oregon 80.5 miles
Oregon Trail Brewery, Brewery, Corvallis Oregon 80.5 miles
Walkabout Brewing, Brewery, Central Point Oregon 84 miles
Rogue Ales, Brewery, Newport Oregon 84.2 miles
Southern Oregon Brewing Co., Brewery, Medford Oregon 87.8 miles
Calapooia Brewing Co., Brewpub, Albany Oregon 88.3 miles
Wild River Brewing & Pizza Company, Cave Junction, Brewpub, Cave Junction Oregon 88.4 miles
Gilgamesh Brewing, Brewery, Turner Oregon 100.9 miles
Standing Stone Brewing Company, Brewpub, Ashland Oregon 101 miles
Caldera Brewing Company, Brewery, Ashlund Oregon 103.1 miles
McMenamins, Lighthouse Brewpub, Brewpub, Lincoln City Oregon 107.5 miles
Ram Restaurant and Brewery, Salem, Brewpub, Salem Oregon 108.4 miles
Pale Horse Brewing Company, Brewery, Salem Oregon 112 miles
Wandering Aengus Ciderworks, Brewery, Salem Oregon 113.2 miles
Seven Brides Brewing, Brewpub, Silverton Oregon 117.9 miles
Mt. Angel Brewing Company, Brewery, Mt. Angel Oregon 121.4 miles
Pelican Pub & Brewery, Brewpub, Pacific City Oregon 122.3 miles
Three Creeks Brewing Company, Brewpub, Sisters Oregon 124.3 miles
Golden Valley Brewery and Pub, Brewpub, McMinnville Oregon 124.7 miles
Heater Allen Brewing, Brewery, McMinnville Oregon 124.9 miles
Deschutes Brewery, Brewpub, Bend Oregon 127.7 miles
Bend Brewing Company, Brewpub, Bend Oregon 128.4 miles
Boneyard Beer Company, Brewery, Bend Oregon 128.5 miles
Silver Moon Brewing, Brewpub, Bend Oregon 128.7 miles
10 Barrel Brewing Company, Brewery, Bend Oregon 130.4 miles
Klamath Basin Brewing Company, Brewpub, Klamath Falls Oregon 130.6 miles
Mia & Pias Pizzeria & Brewhouse, Brewpub, Klamath Falls Oregon 133.7 miles
7th Street Brew House, Brewery, Outlet Redmond Oregon 139.9 miles
Cascade Lakes Brewing Co., Brewpub, Redmond Oregon 139.9 miles
NorWester Beer, Brewery, Lake Oswego Oregon 143.3 miles
Etna Brewing Co., Brewpub, Etna California 144.5 miles
Fearless Brewing Company, Brewpub, Estacada Oregon 144.7 miles
Maxs Fanno Creek Brew Pub, Brewpub, Tigard Oregon 144.8 miles
Off The Rail Brewing, Brewpub, Forest Grove Oregon 145.8 miles
McMenamins, Beaverton, Brewpub, Beaverton Oregon 147 miles
Old Market Pub and Brewery, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 147.7 miles
Peak Northwest Brewing Company, Brewery, Milwaukie Oregon 147.9 miles
John's Market Place, Beer Store, Portland Oregon 148.3 miles
Ram Restaurant and Brewery, Clackamas, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 148.8 miles
Cascade Brewing, Raccoon Lodge & Brew Pub, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 148.9 miles
Ambacht Brewing, Brewery, Hillsboro Oregon 149 miles
McMenamins, Fulton, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 149.6 miles
Vertigo Brewing, Brewery, Hillsboro Oregon 149.7 miles
Philadelphias Steaks & Hoagies, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 150 miles
McMenamins, Oak Hills, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 150.6 miles
McMenamins, Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Brewery, Brewpub, Hillsboro Oregon 150.8 miles
Hopworks Urban Brewery, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 151.6 miles
Full Sail Brewing Company, Riverplace, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 151.7 miles
APEX, Pub, Portland Oregon 151.8 miles
The Beermongers, Pub, Portland Oregon 151.8 miles
McMenamins, Hillsdale, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 151.9 miles
Lompoc Brewing, Hedge House, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.2 miles
Lucky Labrador Brewing Company, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.2 miles
Rock Bottom, Portland, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.2 miles
Hair of the Dog Brewing Company, Inc., Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.3 miles
Green Dragon Bistro & Brewpub, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.4 miles
McMenamins, Ringlers Pub, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.4 miles
Bailey's Taproom, Pub, Portland Oregon 152.5 miles
Cascade Brewing Barrel House, Brewery, Outlet Portland Oregon 152.5 miles
Tugboat Brewing Company, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.5 miles
Deschutes Brewery & Public House, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.6 miles
McMenamins Breweries, Marketing Company, Portland Oregon 152.6 miles
Rogue Ales and Public House, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.6 miles
Bridgeport Brewing Company, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.9 miles
Burnside Brewing Co, LLC, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.9 miles
Lompoc Brewing, Fifth Quadrant, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.9 miles
Lompoc Brewing, New Old Lompoc, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 152.9 miles
Lucky Labrador Beer Hall, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 153 miles
MacTarnahan's Brewing Company, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 153.1 miles
Coalition Brewing Co., Brewpub, Portland Oregon 153.2 miles
Horse Brass Pub, Pub, Portland Oregon 153.2 miles
Belmont Station, Beer Store, Portland Oregon 153.4 miles
Upright Brewing, Brewery, Portland Oregon 153.4 miles
Migration Brewing Co., Brewpub, Portland Oregon 153.5 miles
BJs Restaurant & Brewery, Portland, Weidler, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 153.6 miles
Widmer Brothers Brewing Company, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 153.7 miles
Amnesia Brewing, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 154.3 miles
Columbia River Brewing Company, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 154.3 miles
Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 154.3 miles
McMenamins, Highland, Brewpub, Greesham Oregon 154.3 miles
Alameda Brewhouse, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 155.3 miles
The Mash Tun Brewpub, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 155.4 miles
Breakside Brewery, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 156 miles
McMenamins, Concordia, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 156 miles
McMenamins, Kennedy School, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 156 miles
Mt. Shasta Brewing Company, Brewery, Weed California 156.5 miles
BJs Restaurant & Brewery, Portland, N. Center, Brewpub, Portland Oregon 158.1 miles
Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, Portland International Airport (PDX), Brewery, Outlet Portland Oregon 158.1 miles
Rogue Ales, Portland Airport (PDX), Brewery, Outlet Portland Oregon 158.3 miles
McMenamins, Edgefield, Brewpub, Troutdale Oregon 158.6 miles
Salmon Creek Brewery & Pub, Brewpub, Vancouver Washington 159.5 miles
Mt. Hood Brewing Co., Brewpub, Government Camp Oregon 161.4 miles
Hazel Dell Brewpub, Brewpub, Vancouver Washington 163.2 miles
Bill's Tavern & Brewhouse, Brewpub, Cannon Beach Oregon 169.3 miles
Blue House Cafe, Brewpub, Vernonia Oregon 171.7 miles
Captured by Porches Brewing Company, Brewery, St. Helens Oregon 172.9 miles
Six Rivers Brewery, Brewpub, McKinleyville California 175 miles
Heidrun Meadery, Brewery, Arcata California 176.6 miles
Mad River Brewing Company, Brewery, Blue Lake California 178 miles
Walking Man Brewing and Public House, Brewpub, Stevenson Washington 179.9 miles
Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe, Brewpub, Eureka California 184 miles
Fort George Brewery & Public House, Brewpub, Astoria Oregon 189.2 miles
Astoria Brewing Company, Brewery, Astoria Oregon 189.3 miles
Wet Dog Cafe, Brewpub, Astoria Oregon 189.3 miles
Big Horse Brew Pub, Brewpub, Hood River Oregon 190.8 miles
Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom, Brewpub, Hood River Oregon 190.8 miles
Full Sail Brewing Company, Brewpub, Hood River Oregon 190.8 miles
Eel River Brewing Company, Brewpub, Fortuna California 199.4 miles

How that for a list. LOL But, Black Butte XXIII will be out around then. The BEST porter Brewed! Did I say Growlers? I think Mad River Brewery might be on your trail.

I have not yet been fishing in this area yet. But the lakes have gone down, so I can now hike into them.

I dont think you will have any weather problems out here. Heavy fog in the morning, turning to sunshine by late morning. BTW wednesday and Thursday are my Sat, Sunday. We can play it by hear. I have 2 crabing pots. Free camping, and a short hike to 3 mile lake. And maybe my new kite will be in. :) Rita will do all the cooking on the beach, make sure we dont run out of ice, beer, food. LOL I better talk to her huh?

9:04 p.m. on June 30, 2011 (EDT)
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Yes, Thanks.  It's good to know other's take a positive interest in in my beer exploites as it must after all, be somones job to taste as many craft beers as possible before the end of life.  I will have a growler with me, hopefully always less  than 1/2 full but never empty.  Glad to know it will not be a problem.  There appears to be many (as I expected) new breweries along my favorite path of the country. 

I do remember the bluffs overlooking the ocean near by the Sealion caves.  I have pitched my tent there a number of times always in the fog of the late night to wake up to the mighy fury of the waves crashing below.  That is the main reason, though there are many, that I moved to the GNW.  Where ever go out here there is natures splender.  Thanks for the list I will start to go thru it.  I'm assuming that all the milage is from your zip code?  I'm already packing and considering what gear to bring.

9:57 a.m. on July 1, 2011 (EDT)
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Mike is from there, so I would not ignore his wise advice. 

Sounds like you will have an epic trip.  Wether it pertains or nor, we want a TR when you return!!

Hwy 101 is, in my experience, wins the congressional medal of awesome! 

11:45 a.m. on July 1, 2011 (EDT)
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Hey Sage,  I agree with you 100%.  Everytime I hit the 101 it's absolutly wonderful.  I've been across quite a bit of the US and never have I had so much fun as when I'm on the CA/OR coast.  Whenever its time to hit the road I head for the 101 from whichever direction I have to to.  Most of my experiance is coming from Colorado to San Fran via Lake Tahoe and then up the Coast.  I would go until I had just enough gas money to get home and then it was a straight run through back to CA, many long rides through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. The 101 does indeed deserve "the congressional medal of awesome".  I'm always left wondering why it is left out of the best roads in America contests.  In regards to Mike, looks like were going to hook which will be nice as he does know the entire area so well.  I usually don't bing a camera as I'm not very camera oriented, but if I have to do a TR when I get back I'll need something to show for it.  It's just so hard to remember to take picts w/ all the fun going on.

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