Dayhike to Sentinal Peak

1:16 p.m. on February 28, 2012 (EST)
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Yesterday a friend and I hiked up to Sentinal Peak also called A Mountain near west Tucson.


Looking back up from the road to Sentinal Peak towards Tucson.


My friend Russell and the Tucson city skyline.


Another view of Tucson.


Russell and the Tucson Range


A Saguaro Cactus with many small arms growing on it.


The catalina Mtns and Tucson from near the top of Sentinel Peak.


West Tucson looking north.


The big A for the University of Arizona on Sentinel Peak.


Back downtown Tucson and a mural of early days.


Gila Monster plaque downtown.


The Apache meet the Spanish mural downtown Tucson.


1:27 p.m. on February 28, 2012 (EST)
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Nice Gary.  Temps were beautiful yesterday, but how was the wind up there?  I passed thru Tucson yesterday on my way to Sierra Vista and was getting shoved around pretty good in the big truck.

Would be nice to be able to watch that cactus with all the pimple arms starting for 20 yrs. or so to see which ones take off or drop off.

6:12 p.m. on February 28, 2012 (EST)
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Yeah it was really windy out yesterday, especially up on the west side of Sentinal Peak.

6:25 p.m. on February 28, 2012 (EST)
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Maybe the whole country was just windy. We got it out this way too. 

Good stuff Gary. Love the puffy clouds and the mountains. The view from Sentinel Peak is awesome. 

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. 

2:28 a.m. on March 1, 2012 (EST)
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I appreciated the pictoral visit of Tucson and approaches.  Looks like it was a big ole beautiful day to be outside!  Thanks for taking us along.

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