A Week in the Rockies, Day 2, Ribbon Creek

5:17 p.m. on April 19, 2012 (EDT)
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On Sunday the 17th of July we left the hostel for an easy walk up Ribbon Creek. Elevation gain per my altimeter 535m over 7.5 km each way.

The hike starts with a walk up an old road that follows the creek. Within a kilometer or so, it gradually turns into more of a hiking trail although it's still accessable by bike. t310576.jpg t310577.jpg t310578.jpg t310579.jpgAt about 4 km, there is a rack to lock up bikes, and the trail is a bit more interesting. Waterfalls, and nice views of the mountains that ring the valley, and lots of good places to stop for a break. t310585.jpg t310581.jpg t310582.jpg t310583.jpg
After a while it opens up as it rises, and eventually you reach the Ribbon Falls campground, then Ribbon Falls at 350 m elevation. t310584.jpg t310586.jpg t310587.jpg The trail climbs from there steeply up through the forest then pops out and traverses up to the chains to Ribbon Lake. t310588.jpg t310602.jpg t310589.jpg

One problem with leading a group hike is always deciding where you are supposed to be. Do I get to go with the more advanced people up the chains, since they're the ones who are taking the biggest risk, or do I have to stay with the larger group of less advanced people, since they are presumably the ones most likely to need care? This time, I decided I had to stay back with the three slower people, so I missed the final leg.

Still, nice views and good company. t310603.jpg t310591.jpg t310592.jpg Lunch, then back down again, an easy walk back to the hostel. t310594.jpg
More pics:
t310596.jpg t310597.jpg t310598.jpg t310599.jpg

April 20, 2018
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