A Week in the Rockies, Day 3, Six Glaciers

5:22 p.m. on April 19, 2012 (EDT)
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Headed north out of Kananaskis on Monday morning, but stopped in Canmore for gas and supplies. Made it only as far as Lake Louise, by 11:00 so we figured we'd tackle another easy one, doing the trail up to the teahouse at the Plain of the Six Glaciers. Started in a bit of drizzle, but it began clearing up as we strolled down the lake. t310607.jpg t310608.jpg t310609.jpg t310610.jpg
Once you're away from the valley, the trail gradually ascends. Dozens of tourists on the trail, even in the rain, but the numbers dropped off as we got higher. t310615.jpg t310616.jpg t310617.jpg t310618.jpg
Eventually it opens up nicely - good views of the glaciers and a steady uphill walk. t310619.jpg t310621.jpgA brief stop at the teahouse, then a short jaunt to see the glaciers a bit more closely. t310622.jpg t310623.jpg t310626.jpg t310628.jpg Saw an avalanche stepping down from the very top right to the runout - pretty cool. t310629.jpg
Back to the teahouse and we grabbed some lunch on the benches there. How civilized! t310630.jpg t310631.jpg
Coming back, we figured we'd try the Highline trail up to Lake Agnes and the Beehives. Once we were fully committed, it of course began to rain. t310632.jpg Hiking in rain sucks, and with thunder rolling just over our heads, we figured we'd be better off just to stay lower. Got some shots of Lake Louise from above, obscured by the rain. t310633.jpg Stopped briefly at Mirror Lake t310634.jpg then booted on down the hill. Elevation gain to the glacier about 430m, plus maybe another 100m extra by adding the Highline trail.t310636.jpg

May 25, 2018
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