A Week in the Rockies, Day 4, Eiffel Lake

5:25 p.m. on April 19, 2012 (EDT)
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The trail leaves from Morraine Lake, t310637.jpg and as usual, there were a lot of people at the parking lot. The last time I was there was probably twenty years ago, and at that time all it had was a (closed) lodge. Now there is a condo development and the TH is turning into a proper tourist trap.

Just a few hundred meters down the lake, though, and you start a series of switchbacks that takes you up about 350 meters in a short time. Eliminates a lot of the less-determined pedestrian traffic. Great views as you ascend, with glimpses of the lake below. t310638.jpg t310639.jpg t310640.jpg t310641.jpg t310642.jpg t310643.jpg

At the top, the trail splits: right is to Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass. We went left to try for Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemka Pass. The trial isn't steep from the split, and it opens up nicely to give views of the morraine-filled valley as you climb to the top. t310644.jpg t310645.jpg t310646.jpg t310651.jpg t310647.jpg Four snowfields to cross - good kickstepping, but a long way to slide to the bottom if you weren't paying attention. As usual, I left my axe back in the car. Sigh. t310650.jpg t310652.jpg t310653.jpg t310654.jpg  t310656.jpg

Stopped for lunch and enjoyed the views. Wenchemka was still snowed in and we would have been postholing to get there, so we decided to realx instead, t310657.jpg t310658.jpg t310659.jpg t310660.jpg then came on down again. Total elevation gain per my altimeter 430m. t310680.jpg t310681.jpg

April 23, 2018
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