BWD up San Gorgonio

9:14 p.m. on October 14, 2001 (EDT)

a.k.a. WLD

It is one thing getting ourselves up a mountain. Quite another when we take someone who is not quite as prepared as ourselves. As on all trips we experience many events. Some funny, some strange, some awesome, some scary. On this trip we met our usual amount of hikers most all who were fun to talk to. Others busy trying to get to their goal. And some, who we would rather not hang around with on the trail. (Or anywhere else for that matter) LOL
Take for instance, as we rounded the corner we came across a guy in his underwear only. Thinking he was relieving himself I turned around to give him privacy. Then later as he followed us a ways found out that was not what he was doing at all. ( I do not know what he was doing and probably do not want to know) We separated ourselves form him and his group quickly.... Then met a couple of gals who had tried to summit Whitney a month or so earlier and feel short just below the final stretch just after the windows. And then on the descent. We came across a guy who was limping down the trail by himself. He was just above HIgh Creek Camp. And had told us his party was camping at Halfway Camp. His knee was hurting pretty bad and there was no way he was going to get there before dark. So I found a wooden pole for him to use. And told him we would send some of his party back up to help him down. And have them bring another pole, more water and a flashlight. This we did when we reached Halfway Camp. And some of his group took off up the trail after him. After that it was just myself and BWD the rest of the way down. The rest of the trip report is with the pictures...

June 17, 2018
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