Day hike yesterday to Seven Falls near Tucson

12:14 p.m. on February 19, 2013 (EST)
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Yesterday a friend and I biked to then hike Bear Canyon in the SW side of the Catalina Mountain near Tucson. It was a nice semi-spring day warm but not hot yet.


My friend Mica checks out the sights at Seven Falls in Bear Canyon. Five of the 7 falls are visable over her shoulder ahead. Each has a pool of water at its base.


Seven Falls from the trail. Still only 5 of them are seen here. Two more are  below the pool at the bottom of the image.

In the center of the picture is a huge boulder wedged into the top of the third falls from the top. Below is what it looks like up close.


I call it Chock Rock Falls. The top of the rock is well rounded while the bottom is still the broken edge as it was when it fell from above sometime in the distant past.


Here is a close up on the rock, falls and pool below. I have swam to the falls and behind it in the warmer months. Its possible to climb up in behind and under the chock rock.

Its all a black to grey Granite with white to orange quart swirled in. The orange color is from Iron Oxite (rust).


Looking down from the Chock Rock area to the central base of the falls. I have camped numerous times on the sandy beach near the 3 tree's.

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