Recent hike near Mt Carmel Utah

1:26 p.m. on June 10, 2013 (EDT)
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I am still waiting to get a Mini card reader adapter for my other camera so I can load my travel pictures from my last bike tour, but the following pictures are from a hike I did recently near where I am living and working here in southwest Utah.


This Meadow Gulch off the west central section of a canyon called the Parunuweap or East Fork of the Virgin River. Parunuweap meant Roaring Canyon to the Southern Paiute Indians that once lived here. Its also called the Little Brother of the main Zion Narrows in the park area farther to the west. This section is not owned by the park service. These images are of the narrow canyon and others from the main Parunuweap Canyon I day hiked 12 miles round trip a week ago on my day off from work.


The narrow canyon also called a slot canyon is only about 3-10 feet wide but many feet deep as much as 100 or more. 


Up ahead in the image above you can se where the slow narrows.

Baxk out in the main canyon here well eroded  ancient petrified sand dunes have turned into many layers of sand strips.


Part of the Parunuweap is called the Barracks where begins to narrow


In some areas flowers and other plants grow from the sandstone where seep springs come out between layers


The high 1000+ feet White Cliffs (part of the many layers of the Grand Staircase rise above near the entrance to the main canyon. Juniper, Cedar's and Pinyon Pine cover the tops


From near the trailhead the canyon looking southwest goes for many miles


Farther in the walls get closer and closer together. The red color is Iron Oxide eroded from the cliffs above usually where springs and rainfall has run down the stone layers


Late afternoon at sunset the sandstone glows in the last light of the day


A section of broken sandstone fallen from the cliffs shows ancient ripple marks from water that flow here before millions of years ago


Back near where I live I did another day hike to the top of the White Cliffs. Here is looking south with the opposite side of the canyon called Long Valley. The cliffs in the distance stretch for another 20 miles.


Back in Meadow Gulch the mid day sun shines almost straight down into the slot canyon snaking its way back into the narrows


Often referred to as caves ,Slot canyons can look like them if you do not look up to see the sky


Canyon walls along the Parunuweap withe eroding hills of sand above. Here the cliff is about 500 feet thick

The area around me where I live is covered with slot canyons high sandstone cliffs and interesting places to see. Zion NP is close by but being my days of sre split I dont get much chance to get there. I plan to go there this Fall in late September after I am done working for the year.

Next trip I am considering bike touring to Florida in October.

11:18 p.m. on June 10, 2013 (EDT)
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Beautiful area!  If I could get more vacation time, I'd use my parents' place in Hurricane as a base to do trips like that.  Lots of interesting places to see in SW Utah.

2:39 p.m. on June 12, 2013 (EDT)
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good pictures gary. nice to have you back!

June 21, 2018
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