Quick trip to Bloody Canyon and the Rim Fire smoke

11:38 p.m. on September 2, 2013 (EDT)
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We're back from a short trip in the Ansel Adams Wilderness east of Yosemite, where we started in sparkling clean air, and were quickly introduced to the smoke from the Rim Fire.  This is a steep hike up out of Walker Lake...but there are some great views on the way up, and a nice creek to follow.  We stopped at Lower Sardine Lake because we found a nice campsite on the West shore...and we weren't sure there were going to be any better ones at Upper Sardine.  And it was lovely. 

Here's a shot of what it looked like before the smoke arrived: 



And here is what it looked like a few hours later...when the smoke from the Rim Fire blew in on a westerly gale.

IMG_8098.JPG The next day we decided to day hike up to Mono Pass, where we were tourists through the old mines...


And then we headed home a bit early, thinking that it would be good to breathe some clean air...but the trip was still a wonderful adventure.  Here is a link to the full photo set:   https://picasaweb.google.com/balzaccom/BackpackingInTheSierraNevadaBloodyCanyonAndMonoPass#

12:17 a.m. on September 4, 2013 (EDT)
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Nice area, I need to venture up that way.  And I'd want to explore the mines, too.

We have been getting a lot of the Rim fire smoke over the San Joaquin Valley, and my dayhikes in SEKI over the weekend were on the hazy side because of it.

7:56 a.m. on September 4, 2013 (EDT)
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Beautiful pictures Paul!

Thanks for showing them...


I got a kick out of the hat on the shelter in this pic from the album:




11:20 a.m. on September 4, 2013 (EDT)
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Yeah--that's my hat on the tent.  What do you do with your hat at night?  This is where I park mine!

2:57 p.m. on September 4, 2013 (EDT)
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Nice Report!!!! Stunning pictures! Looks like you had a great time!

June 21, 2018
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